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Published on March 26, 2020

Author: KalEissa1

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1. FET Exam Reading Part 1

2. Exam Specification of Reading Part 1 •What do we read in this part? •We read a short message and understand its meaning. •This short message could be a sign, a notice, a post it note, or a text message. •What do we need to do afterwards? •We need to choose a statement from three choices that has a similar meaning to the short message.

3. Here is an example to help you.

4. Important things to note about this part •Would the correct statement or option use the same words of the message? •The answer is, ‘No’. The words of the correct option would be different, but they would convey a similar meaning. •This means that we need to know how to convey the meaning of things using different words. •We need to know something called synonyms.

5. Time for practice •I want you to match the words from column A with the words that have similar meaning from column B •If you don’t know any, use your dictionary. •Knowing the meaning of these words would help you in doing the task. •Please upload your answers on google classroom.

6. Here is an example of the matching activity. A B 1-a location a. choose 2-a subject b. people use a shop 3-a lecture c. tell me later 4- select d. a place 5-pick up e. a topic 6- customers f. a lesson 7- further notice g. collect

7. Here is an example of Reading Part 1

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