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Published on July 7, 2014

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10 Best iPHONE 5/5s Waterproof Cases: 10 Best iPHONE 5/5s Waterproof Cases Naztech Vault for iPhone 5/5s : Naztech Vault for iPhone 5/5s Naztech Vault provides ultimate protection to your iPhone 5/5s. You can take your iPhone for a dive underwater or jet skiing, snowboarding, or camping or for sports. The case is sleek, slim and attractive. It gives you touch screen, call and snaps functionality in any sport that you may be indulging in. The case is available in colors like blue, black and white. Griffin Technology - Survivor Catalyst : Griffin Technology - Survivor Catalyst Griffin Technology Case comes in Clear Pink and Black color. It ensures protection till the depth of 9.8 ft. The specially designed edges and corners clear out water, dust, sand and other objects. You can access your camera, connector and listen to music freely with this case on. Atlas ID: Ultra Rugged : Atlas ID: Ultra Rugged Atlas ID is optimized for iPhone 5s. The case is water resistant, shock resistant and keeps out dirt and dust from tempering your iPhone. The case has water resistant seal that can function up to two meters for 30 minutes. The case is compatible for fingerprint scan and is scratch resistant. You can get this cover in pink, grey and white color too. Atlas: Waterproof Ultra-rugged Case : Atlas: Waterproof Ultra-rugged Case Just like Atlas ID: Ultra rugged waterproof case, this case provides same features. This case is optimized for iPhone 5/5s. The case has hard-shell frame that makes it resistant to dirt, dust and water. iContact : iContact iContact Waterproof case allows you to take video and pictures with amazing high quality even in underwater. The case is validated to protect iPhone till 1 meter for 30 minutes. The special grip design in this case makes it light and a comfortable fit around your iPhone 5 or 5s. It comes with instruction booklet that will guide in creating waterproof seal around your iPhone. Dandy Case Turquoise SLIM : Dandy Case Turquoise SLIM DandyCase is specially designed to shield your iPhone from water. You can dive up to 30 meter (100 feet) and capture amazing pictures and videos. You need to open the camera button before diving in. It comes with ‘2 snap lock system’ that eases your worry of protecting it every time. Pink and purple are the other color options that you can opt for. iBattz Refuel Aqua 2200 : iBattz Refuel Aqua 2200 iBattz Refuel Aqua case protects your iPhone against water and gives your battery another life. It comes with interchangeable battery that can easily be changed anywhere. It also protects your iPhone from dust, snow and shock. The only drawback is that it is compatible with iPhone 5 not iPhone 5S. Watershot Underwater Housing : Watershot Underwater Housing Watershot Underwater Housing case can provide protection up to 40 meters. It has got special lenses to cover all underwater happening in high quality. Turn your iPhone into camera with this case. You can even take this case for your mounting expeditions. SLXTREME 5 : SLXTREME 5 SLXTREME features an integrate battery that prolongs your battery life. This case yields protection up to 6 feet in water. The best feature is that you can easily fit in your iPhone case and you easily use all features. It comes in vibrant color options such as orange, yellow, white and black. Hitcase Pro : Hitcase Pro Hitcase Pro case is your companion for all adventures. It comes with brilliant design that prevents it against shocks, water and other hazards. The case is waterproof up to 10 meter. You can easily access your camera and all functions underwater for amazing snaps. It comes with in-built lens that provide clarity Click here to get more iPhone WaterProof Cases Thank you: Thank you

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Best iPHONE 5 waterproof case
07. 07. 2014

Best iPHONE 5 waterproof case