10 Effective Uses of Magnesium Oil

Information about 10 Effective Uses of Magnesium Oil

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: lifeenthusiast

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10 Effective Uses of Magnesium Oil: 10 Effective Uses of Magnesium Oil Magnesium Oil for Movement: Magnesium Oil for Movement Magnesium oil is known to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, allowing for increased movement. Chiropractors love Magnesium for relieving back pain naturally and effectively. Magnesium reduces pain and stiffness in joints, providing you with the freedom to be as active as you want to be. Magnesium as a Spa Treatment: Magnesium as a Spa Treatment Magnesium oil is often used by massage therapists for improved results. This oil is also used in skin treatments to restore luster and beauty. Long soaks in baths rich with magnesium oil offer full-body relaxation. An Alternative to Prescriptions: An Alternative to Prescriptions Magnesium oil can reduce muscle pain in a way that prescription medications can’t. Magnesium oil is not habit-forming like pain meds, delivering a safe and effective pain management solution. It is also used as an alternative to harsh creams that many doctors prescribe for skin conditions. Youth Restoration: Youth Restoration Magnesium oil helps to smooth out wrinkles leaving you with younger-looking skin. This oil also helps to clear up rashes that can make you look older. It can be used to fade age spots and shave years off your appearance. Relief from Cramping: Relief from Cramping In addition to helping with joint and muscle pain, a magnesium supplement or oil can relieve cramping. Magnesium oil is a great option for women who suffer from painful menstrual cramps. It can also be used to help with muscle cramps after a long workout. Oral Health Benefits: Oral Health Benefits A magnesium supplement or oil can help restore your smile with brighter, whiter teeth. Magnesium oil has also been known to help with abscesses. You can use the oil by simply applying it to your toothbrush. Magnesium Oil for Food: Magnesium Oil for Food Magnesium oil can add flavor to many dishes. Use it as a salt replacement for a low-sodium diet. Simply spray the oil on your food instead of adding salt. Add a magnesium supplement to juices to remove the sour bite and enhance the flavor. Extra Benefits of Magnesium Oil: Extra Benefits of Magnesium Oil Magnesium oil can be used in your foot bath to help soak away the stress of the day. This oil is also a natural deodorant. Add essential oils to create a scented personal body deodorant. Use magnesium oil as a body spray to relieve stress all day long. Contact Us: Contact Us www.life-enthusiast.com (866) 543 3388 https:// www.facebook.com/lifeenthusiastcoop Image Attribution: Image Attribution All images are from life-enthusiast.com. Description: Description Magnesium Oil can be used for a wide variety of applications. From pain relief, to oral relief as well as an alternative to salt, magnesium oil can be used for all sorts of things. By purchasing from Life Enthusiast, you know that you are receiving top quality magnesium oil at prices that you can afford.

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