10 Social Marketing Campaigns You Wish You Came Up With

Information about 10 Social Marketing Campaigns You Wish You Came Up With

Published on March 29, 2017

Author: ArloGibb

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1. 10 Social Marketing Campaigns You Wish You Came Up With

2. Social media has become ‘the’ outlet for brands big and small to connect with customers and build brand awareness. The social marketing campaigns that have used social media successfully aren’t just boosting their numbers, they are establishing a bond with consumers. Want to find out how to create campaigns that will spread like wildfire and make your customers forget about your competitors?

3. Here are the top 10 campaigns that have managed to strike it big on social media

4. 1. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Most people wouldn't know very much about ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) or the struggles of those who suffer from it, if it weren’t for the head-numbing ice bucket challenge launched in 2014 by the ALS Association. Its social media campaign not only spread awareness – it led to $41 million in donations to fund research.

5. Today, scientists are one step closer to finding a cure thanks to all the money raised from #icebucketchallenge. A specific gene, which is known to contribute to the development of the disease, has been discovered, giving researchers a target for drug development.

6. 2. The Dollar Shave Club YouTube Campaign Science shows that when people feel good, their first impulse is to share. The marketers for the Dollar Shave Club have created a hysterically funny video campaign on YouTube. It makes people smile, and has gotten a lot of social media attention. It is impossible not to crack up watching their videos.

7. The original one, created with Dollar Shave Club CEO, Mike, has gotten over 24 million views. It also launched this start-up to stardom and won the company serious attention, including a feature interview on CNBC.

8. 3. DHL – The Trojan Mailing Campaign DHL came up with a mischievous, and pretty hilarious idea to market its messaging service – getting their competitors to market for them.

9. They used thermal activated tape to hide their brand, froze the packages, and then hired competing delivery companies to deliver their packaging – and their branding. 10 points for creative genius. The campaign has garnered more than 41 thousand Facebook shares.

10. 4. Airtasker’s Like a Boss Campaign Aussie services marketplace company, Airtasker, won over their audience – and their audience’s friends and followers, with the brand’s Like a Boss video campaign. The videos, featuring an Asian grandmother, an over-tasked new mum, and a man cave aficionado dancing with their Airtasker helpers, are priceless.

11. Colin Jowell of UDKU, the agency that came up with the videos, explained part of their winning production process, “We ... sense checked it with a good old fashioned animatic test – and people actually laughed out loud at the animation.”

12. 5. Honey Bunches of Oats 50 Million Smiles Who doesn’t love a brand that gives us all a reason to smile? Honey Bunches of Oats got a lot of love for their 50 Million Smiles and Counting campaign through Facebook and Instagram. They added 162,000 fans from the campaign!

13. The brand did an excellent job spreading the word about their cereal, while also making a great loyalty-building marketing move by making the campaign into a contest. They offered a chance to win an all-expenses paid holiday for everyone who posted a quote, photo or video testimonial about something that made them smile. Contests are great for strengthening customer relationships and keeping people talking and sharing!

14. 6. Tourism Queensland – Best Job in the World Campaign This marketing campaign went viral on the day it was launched, bringing in so many site visitors, the company’s site crashed! It was a brilliant way to promote tourism to tropical Queensland on a small budget. Tourism Queensland called for short video uploads to serve as job applicants to get the best job in the world – living and working as the caretaker on Hamilton Island of the Great Barrier Reef for six months.

15. The campaign was a predecessor to today’s social media big hits, launched back in 2009. News of the campaign was spread through 60 youth travel operators to get applicants going.

16. In the end it resulted in: ● 34,000 video applicants ● 230,000 blog posts ● 46,000 mainstream media reports ● 6.8 unique monthly visitors to the site ● 54 million page views ● A BBC documentary ● Countless people dreaming of what it would be like to live on an island off the Queensland coast

17. 7. Mondelez’s Real Life Sour Patch Kid Campaign lovers to snap photos of their favourite candy bars and to modify them with the platform’s drawing tools. Their best campaign, however, was the first, which was launched in 2014. Candy manufacturer Mondelez is a fan of using Snapchat, which appeals to their younger customer base, for their social media marketing. They recently launched a contest getting candy

18. They asked social media royal Logan Paul to take over their account for a week so he could document his weekly pranks using a life-sized sour patch kid. They gained 120,000 new followers and 6.8 million impressions thanks to this masterful melding of influencer and social media marketing.

19. 8. Lowe’s Fix in Six Campaign This Vine campaign by American home improvement company, Lowe’s, is wonderfully clever. The brand uses short, clay animation videos to offer home and gardening tips. They clips are fun to watch, perfectly short, and helpful, making them ideal for social sharing

20. 9. Bonds – The Boys Campaign Bonds does a superb job of holding their audience’s attention with The Boys videos posted to YouTube. The videos are humorous, boundary-pushing, and they help position their briefs as the most comfortable on the planet.

21. 10. LG – Ticket Hunter LG used Twitter to engage its target audience, 16-24 year-olds, by creating an interactive treasure hunt, #lgtickethunter. The first person to find each LG stall won two tickets to a music concert. The challenge was a huge success, garnering 50,000 tweets.

22. The brand also quadrupled their smartphone sales amongst this age group in the weeks right after the campaign ended. This was a great example of creating something to motivate buyers by using the right actions, tone, and incentive.

23. With social media, the more creative you can be with your campaigns, the more interested your audience will be. These are excellent examples of smart usage of social networking sites, yet you’ll notice an important trend – there is no magic formula. The way to succeed is to come up with a tailored strategy that fits your brand and that your buyers will enjoy.

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