10 Tips On Using Instagram For Your Insurance Brokerage

Information about 10 Tips On Using Instagram For Your Insurance Brokerage

Published on March 17, 2017

Author: ArloGibb

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1. 10 Tips On Using Instagram For Your Insurance Brokerage

2. Instagram is a social media site that is centred around sharing visuals; photos, images, sketches, videos, gifs, and so on. It is essential that you make use of Instagram because it is so effective at marketing and so popular, particularly with 18 to 49 year olds. This is because of the power of an image; a picture draws you in, it piques your interest.

3. Kinnane Insurance Brokers are doing this extremely well. An image tempts you to find out more. This is why your insurance brokerage needs to use Instagram for your marketing

4. Read on for our top 10 tips on how you can use Instagram to: ● Successfully market your brand ● Promote your services ● Increase your followers and leads

5. 1. Make the Right First Impression You will probably want to use your business logo as your profile picture because the goal is to be instantly recognisable to new and existing customers. Think about the following examples of instantly recognisable brands: Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Nike, Facebook, eBay, Sony, Adidas, Starbucks, and Lego. For the most part, they are light coloured backgrounds and bold symbols.

6. Think about your colour palette for your logo. Make sure your logo reflects your brand and appeals to your target audience, and then get posting!

7. 2. Use Hashtags Instagram captions are limited to 2,200 characters. So keep it short and snappy, especially since Instagram is primarily about the visuals. Hashtags allow users to find your content, and therefore find you and decide to Follow you. Use as many relevant hashtags as you can. It’s best to use between five and 10.

8. Say your brokerage specialises in indemnity insurance for accountants. You could post a striking picture that an accountant would relate to with an informative quote placed over top using an app like Typorama.

9. Then add the hashtags: ● #accountant ● #accountants ● #accountantsydney (or your location if it is used commonly on instagram) ● #accountantlife ● #accountantadventures. Then an accountant that uses these hashtags and browsing Instagram will find your post.

10. Create your own brand-specific hashtag that is completely unique to your business. Hashtags are essential; keep this in mind through all of the following tips.

11. 3. Share to Facebook Research has shown that images posted to Facebook via Instagram receive more engagement. It also makes sense to share your post to Facebook at the same time as you are posting on Instagram as there is hardly any extra work involved. Two for the price of one, so to speak.

12. 4. Post Motivational Quotes The beauty of Instagram for many people is that no lengthy reading is required. You can, however, use snippets of text against the backdrop of an image to create a really effective post. Short, inspirational quotes are great superimposed over an image, or you could add a few sentences of text from your blog content.

13. Here’s an example from Crewdo to show you what we mean.

14. 5. Be Relevant With Instagram, you are trying to reach your audience through the things they love. Post news-related content, real world stories and experiences, and post appropriately for the time of year. Take into account public holidays, Australia Day, Anzac day, the Queen’s Birthday, the Christmas period, Good Friday, and so on.

15. An example could be reminding people to check that their homes are fully insured when they go on vacation, to insure new items after Christmas, or to add new pieces of jewellery onto their insurance after Valentine’s Day.

16. 6. Post Industry Advice Videos are a great way to provide your followers with industry-related advice. Ask your insurance brokers to put on their best suit and compile a short piece on something they feel confident about discussing, or film an interview scenario, or a question and answer session on a specific aspect of insurance.

17. 7. Advertise Your Services This could be photographs of your advisors with a caption or short bio, letting your customers know the aspect of insurance in which they specialise. Make it fun and friendly, encouraging your viewers to get in touch and take advantage of your expertise.

18. 8. Showcase Your Company Culture and Values Share stores of satisfied customers by way of photographs or videos. Research has shown that photographs with faces are 38% more likely to get Likes – so don’t be afraid to use selfies and pictures of happy smiling faces to promote your services. You can also share company news and updates, such as expansions, to let your customers know you are doing well – but you still put them first.

19. Check out this Instagram post from The Knot, a company that organises weddings. They have used a photograph to tell a wonderfully touching story. It gives the impression that The Knot truly cares about their clients and puts their heart and soul into making their day special.

20. 9. Launch a Competition Announce a competition asking entrants to share a photo on a specific subject using a hashtag. Or, ask entrants to Like your post, leave a comment, or tag a friend. Competitions are a great way to get people involved, leading to free advertising for your company. Offer the chance to win a bottle of bubbly or an all expenses paid for meal – and make sure you announce the winner on Instagram.

21. 10. Analyse What’s Working Instagram is one of several social networking sites that insurance brokers need to use to grow their community and their business. As with any digital marketing, it is essential that you keep track of what is working and what is not. Use Instagram Analytics to find what is evoking the most interest.

22. Always respond to comments on your post and engage with your audience. That way you will build up a community, enhance brand loyalty, gain more followers, become more visible and, hopefully, become more talked about.

23. To find out more, download our free guide "Social Media for Insurance Brokers: The Ultimate Guide to 2017.”

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