10 Tips to Effective Advertising Banners for Businesses

Information about 10 Tips to Effective Advertising Banners for Businesses

Published on August 8, 2014

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ADVERTISING BANNERS: 10 STEPS TO EFFECTIVE MARKETING ADVERTISING BANNERS Brought to you by KEEP IT SIMPLE: KEEP IT SIMPLE People should be able to comprehend your message quickly and easily. A simple style makes for a bold and striking banner. Example VIEWING DISTANCE: VIEWING DISTANCE Be aware of small fonts and images when creating an offline banner. Similarly, a large font or overpowering image will be difficult to read up close. MAKE COLOURS POP: MAKE COLOURS POP Contrasting colours are a majorly important part to a successful banner. When people come in to contact, they need to be instantly drawn in. Additionally, always use your branded colour scheme to tie in with your other marketing efforts. CONSIDER MATERIALS: CONSIDER MATERIALS Which material is best to use for a banner advertisement? There isn’t really any right or wrong answer. Many businesses will opt for standard vinyl as it’s cost-effective and can be easily recycled after use. It really depends on what you’re advertising, for example, if you’re advertising clothing, you could use a fabric design rather than opting for the norm. A great way to make a brand or product stand out. PLAN YOUR LAYOUT: PLAN YOUR LAYOUT A well thought out layout is a crucial element to any advertisement, offline or online. For example, short rows of text may look good on a large banner, whereas long rows of text will appear easier on the eye on a small banner. HIRE A TOP DESIGNER: HIRE A TOP DESIGNER Now, this is a must. Some businesses might have an employee who has some decent design experience – but you must hire a professional to see through the whole process. What to consider when hiring a banner ad designer: How much experience have they had? Have they worked with similar businesses to your own? How much do they charge for design alone? Can they provide you with live examples or reviews? BE AWARE OF BRIGHT COLOURS: BE AWARE OF BRIGHT COLOURS Bright colours should be used sparingly. We’re not saying don’t use them at all, but there’s a difference between using one and trying to replicate a Skittle’s wrapper. If you’re brands colour scheme contains a lot of vibrant colour, think about an alternative banner ad design, one that doesn’t startle people to much. EMPHASIS: EMPHASIS This method is highly effective when advertising a specific product. This might be a specific image or a slogan that you want people to instantly take notice of. It may also encourage viewers to then read on – and perhaps even buy the product itself! HIGH QUALITY IMAGES: HIGH QUALITY IMAGES Imagery is the one element us humans are most drawn into. The correct image makes a lasting impression on that company or brand, so make your choice wisely when it comes to selecting appropriate imagery for your banner. Make sure the images are of a high quality, appropriate for your target audience and that are also memorable. Thanks for watching!: WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED  Thanks for watching! Brought to you by

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