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Published on August 7, 2014

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WELCOME: WEL COME AMBULANCE SERVICE: AMBULANCE SERVICE Presented By: Saran Kumar M 12751E00i8 history: hi story First of all started in America in 1928. The service started by American Army officers The name of first ambulance was a Buick Hearse 00: 00 PowerPoint Presentation: GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute A Non-profit organization Emergency Management and Research Institute Founder,chairman & managing director: Founder,chairman & managing director Introduction To EMRI: Introduction To EMRI GVK EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute)  is a pioneer in Emergency Management Services in India.  As a not - for - profit professional organization operating in the Public Private Partnership  (PPP) mode.  GVK EMRI is the Largest professional Emergency Service Provider in India today. GVK EMRI handles medical, police and fire emergencies through the " 108 Emergency service". Vision of GVK EMRI : Vision of GVK EMRI To respond to 30 million emergencies and save 2 million lives annually by 2013 To deliver services at global standards through Leadership, Innovation, Technology and Research & Training To become One Of Eight Wonders of the World Leadership R & T Innovation Technology When & how started in india: When & how started in india Joint venture of State Govt. & Emergency Management & Research Institute (EMRI). Started On 15 th Agust ,2005 In Andhra Pradesh. In Gujarath On 21 st Agust ,2007. PowerPoint Presentation: Launched on 15 th Aug, ‘05 in Hyderabad and expanded to 10 other States Andhra Pradesh Gujarat Sikkim Karnataka Orissa Haryana Punjab Himachal Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Chattisgarh Jharkhand West Bengal Bihar Arunachal Pradesh Meghalaya Tripura Manipur Nagaland Mizoram Uttarakhand Madhya Pradesh Tamil Nadu Kerala Jammu & Kashmir Maharashtra Rajasthan Assam Goa Delhi First Launched on 15 th Aug, 2005 in Hyderabad and expanded to 17 other States 108 services : 108 services 108 Emergency Response Service is a 24X7 emergency service for medical, police and fire emergencies.  The service is available for the entire state of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand , Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Assam, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala and 2 Union Territories Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu . The main highlights are It is a 24x7 emergency service. Toll Free number accessible from landline or mobile Emergency help will reach you in an average of 18 minutes  108 is dialed for the purposes mentioned below: To save a life To report a crime in progress To report a fire  PowerPoint Presentation: Impact - Doing More with Less for More Bomb Blasts Ahmedabad 1-0-8 The Magic Number : 1-0-8 The Magic Number 108 is a technologically acceptable number enabling the processing of calls to occur faster  108 functions effectively as a user friendly number because during a crisis situation the eye automatically searches the first digit on the number pad which is 1 and then moves downward to find 0 .This is the exact order in which 108 is being laced .    Krishna is said to have danced with 108 Gopikas the ecstatic RaasaLeela on moon light nights in Brindavan. What is Unique in this Innovation ?: What is Unique in this Innovation ? Integrated Emergency Response Services for Medical, Police and Fire emergencies with single universal toll-free number ‘ 108 ’ Free services (no cost to citizen) PPP framework Government provides funds for OPEX & CAPEX Conducting Research and building capability in Emergency Medicine and Management SRC Process innovation – Redefining process : The communication channel connecting all the links including ERCP Communication Officer (CO) collects facts Dispatch Officer (DO) scopes emergency and assigns strategically located vehicle (Ambulance/Police/Fire) Vehicle(s) to reach the site Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) to provide pre-hospital care while transporting patient / victim to appropriate hospital for stabilization Sense Reach Care SRC Process innovation – Redefining process PowerPoint Presentation: Building Blocks of GVK EMRI’s Innovation Three digit toll-free No. Accessible from Land lines and Mobile phones Cost effective ambulances to provide quality care for Indian emergencies with facilities for rescuing and balancing patient care with public safety and patients relatives comfort Trained personnel for providing PHC Modern, spacious and open ERC GIS / GPS to locate victim / ambulance and hospital Technology: Tech nology Major components Computer Telephony Integration Voice Loggers GIS / Maps GPS Allied applications (PCR, Fleet Management, Hospital facilities) IVR Webcam Oracle Financials, CRM eLearning Physical Infrastructure: Physical Infrastructure Andhra Pradesh: Mock Drill  at Secunderabad Rly Station on 17th October ‘08: Andhra Pradesh: Mock Drill  at Secunderabad Rly Station on 17 th October ‘08 Making India Safer for the Common Man : Making India Safer for the Common Man The more we care the more we value and the more we respect human life, the more we will be changing the World with… Humaneness Humility and Commitment to service conclusion: con clusion Do not call 108 if there is no ‘serious emergency’. It is not a number for enquiry or information gathering. Do not play around by dialing 108 as a joke. Otherwise a call in real emergency could be blocked and a life will be lost. If you happen to call 108 by accident then do not hang up until the officer asks you to do so.  THANK “U”: THANK “U”

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