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Published on November 9, 2010

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_An Application of NanoTechnology : _An Application of NanoTechnology By S. D. Satish Kumar E.C.E PILL CAMERA CONTENTS : CONTENTS Overview of Nanotechnology Introduction to PILL CAMERA Conventional Method Description Working Drawbacks & Overcomes Applications of Nanotechnology Overview of Nano Technology : Overview of Nano Technology The aim of Technology is to make products in a large scale for cheaper prices and increased quality . The technology used to achieve manufacturing at molecular level is “NANOTECHNOLOGY”. The concept of nanotechnology is introduced by Drexel in the year 1981 through his article “The Engines of Creation”. Introduction to PILLCAMERA : Introduction to PILLCAMERA . Imagine a vitamin pill-sized camera that could travel through your body taking pictures, helping diagnose a problem which doctor previously would have found only through surgery. No longer is such technology the stuff of science fiction films. Conventional Method : Conventional Method Endoscopic examination is replaced by PILL CAMERA. Description : Description The device, called the given Diagnostic Imaging System, comes in capsule form and contains a camera, lights, transmitter and batteries. The latest pill camera is sized at 26*11 mm and is capable of transmitting 50,000 color images during its traversal through the digestive system of patient. Block diagram of Transmitter : Block diagram of Transmitter In the Transmitter block diagram ,the video signals are amplified using one SMD type transistor for efficient modulation. In the bottom block ,a tiny SAW resonator oscillates at 315MHZ for modulation of the video signal. Block diagram of Receiver : Block diagram of Receiver >This circuit uses Commercialized ASK/OOK >>This single chip receiver for remote wireless communications, which includes oscillator fixed at a single frequency. >>The lightening LED’s also use significant amount of power. >>A high output current amplifier with a single supply is utilized to drive loads in capsule. External Control Unit : External Control Unit Here the ON/OFF operation of the switch infront of the unit is encoded into 4 channels >>To verify the operation of the external control unit and telemetry capsule, CH1 was used to control ON/OFF of CMOS image sensor and CHs 2-4 to control led lighting. >>The proposed telemetry capsule can simultaneously transmit a video signal and receive a control determining the behavior of the capsule. Drawbacks & Overcomes : Drawbacks & Overcomes . 1.Patients with gastrointestinal structures or narrowing are not good candidates for this procedure due to the risk of obstruction. The first drawback is overcomed using another product manufactured with the help of nanotechnology which is the rice- grain sized motor. 2. The Pill will get stucked if there is a partial obstruction in the small intestine. 3. Impossible to control Camera behavior. These two drawbacks can be overcome using a bi-directional telemetry Camera. Wireless Endoscopy : Wireless Endoscopy Applications : Applications Biggest impact on the medical industry. Nanorobots can perform delicate surgeries. They can also change the physical appearance. They can slow or reverse the aging process. Used to shrink the size of components. Nano technology has the potential to have a positive effect on the Environment. Conclusion : Conclusion In the near future most of the conventional manufacturing processes will be replaced with a cheaper and better manufacturing process “Nanotechnology”. Scientists foresee that in the decades to come, with the help of nanotechnology one can make hearts, lungs, livers and kidneys, just by providing coal, water and some impurities and even prevent the aging effect. Nanotechnology has the power to revolutionize the world of production. Bibliography : Bibliography 1.Electronics for you, journal 2.Web Sites: a.www.sciencedaily.com b.www.zyvex.com. c. www.nanotech.gov Slide 15: THANQ Slide 16: Queries

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