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Published on November 30, 2008

Author: rstanakzai



Slide 1: advertising Slide 2: Best advertising is done by Satisfied customers Slide 3: Advertising is any Paid form of non personal presentation & promotion of ideas, goods /services by an identified sponsor What is it? Slide 4: Stage in plc Market Share Competition Advertising frq. Product Substitutability message Generation Selection Execution Social Resp. review media RFI Types Vehicles Timing Geographical Allocation measurement Communication Impact Sales impact Money mission Sales goal Advertising obj. advertising Slide 5: INFORMATIVE PERSUASIVE REMINDER Advertising Objectives Reinforcement Slide 6: Advertising Objectives Advertising objective is a specific communications task and achievement level to be accomplished with a specific audience in a specific period of time Slide 7: Advertising Objectives Informative Advertising Aims to create brand awareness and Knowledge of new products or new Features of existing features Slide 8: Advertising Objectives Persuasive Advertising Aims to create liking, preference, conviction and purchase of a product or service Slide 9: Advertising Objectives Reminder Advertising Aims to stimulate repeat purchase of Products and services- Slide 10: Advertising Objectives Reinforcement Advertising Aims to convince current purchasers that they have made the right choice- cars Slide 11: sales Factors Influencing Sales Advertising Price Distribution Packing Competition Consumers Product Services Slide 12: UNAWARE AWARE COMPREHENSION AND IMAGE ATTITUDE ACTION Hierarchy of of effect model Slide 13: Advertising Budget Slide 14: Factors affecting advertising budget 1 Stages in Product Life Cycle 2 Market Share and Consumer Base 3 Competition & Clutter 4 Advertising Frequency 5 Product Substitutability Slide 15: Advertising Message GENERATION EVALUATION & SELECTION EXECUTION SOCIAL RESP.REVIEW Slide 16: Advertising Message GENERATION & EVALUATION Core selling propositions Add appeal Creative brief Positioning statement Slide 17: Advertising Message EXECUTION Television Ads Print Ads Radio Ads Films Ads Slide 18: Advertising Message SOCIAL RESP.REVIEW Alcoholic Beverages Cigarettes Surrogate advertising Pharmaceutical products Magical Cure Slide 19:  Desirability Last year more than 3 lakh people did not reach home-NIA COOL GREY CLASSICS…… .Raymonds Slide 20: NOW JUST DO IT……….NIKE IT IS DIFFERENT……..MAGGIE EXCLUSIVENESS Slide 21: BELIEVABILITY BAJAJ KB125 HAS SHAKEN EVERYBODY….BAJAJ DISCOUNT UP TO 50% ……..general Slide 22: Headlines--- 6 basics News ..3 lakh Indians died in road accidents… NIA Ques.. who says you cant please everyone….. godrej Narrative .Dove is mild and there is scientific paper to prove it.. Dove Command.. Don’t spoil your engines… Castrol 1.2.3.ways to save your income tax.. Post Office How.what..why they cant stop buying… discount ad Slide 23: Media Slide 24: Media Selection Reach Frequency Impact Slide 25: Media Media Selection Finding the most effective media to deliver the desired number of exposures to the target audience Slide 26: Media Media Reach The number of different persons or households exposed to a particular media schedule at least once during a specified time period Slide 27: Media Media Frequency The number of times within the specified time Period that an average person or household is exposed to the message Slide 28: Media Media Impact The qualitative value of an exposure through a given medium Slide 29: Media Total Number of Exposures (E) This is the reach times the average frequency E= Rx E Slide 30: Media Weighted number of Exposures This is the reach times average frequency times Average impact WE= Rx F x I Slide 31: Choosing among Major Media Types Target Audience media Habits Product Characteristics Message Characteristics Cost Slide 32: Alternative Advertising Options Place Advertising Bill Boards Public Spaces Product Placement Point Of Purchase Slide 33: Selecting Specific Media Vehicles Circulation Audience Effective Audience Effective ad Exposed Audience Slide 34: Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness Communication Effect Research Sales Effect Research Slide 35: Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness Communication Effect Research Called copy testing seeks to determine whether the ad is communicating effectively. This may be done before ad is put into media and after it is printed or broadcast. Slide 36: Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness Communication Effect Research 3 methods of pre testing Consumer feedback Method Portfolio Test Laboratory Test Slide 37: Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness Consumer feedback Method Questions like this are asked to consumers 1 What is the main message you got from the ad? 2 What do you think they want you to know, believe or do? 3 How likely is it that this ad will influence you to undertake the action ? 4 What works well in the ad and what works poorly? 5 How does the ad make you feel? 6 Where is the best place to reach you with this message? Slide 38: Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness Portfolio Test Ask consumers to view or listen to the portfolio of advertisement Consumers are then asked to recall all the ads and contents, Understandability, message……. Slide 39: Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness Laboratory Tests After the ad equipments are used to measure Heartbeat Blood Pressure Pupil dilation Galvanic skin response perspiration Slide 40: Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness Sales Effect Research Studying share of advertising expenditure produce Share of voice that earns share of consumers minds and hearts and ultimately share of market Slide 41: SALES AFFECT Slide 42: Share of expenditure Share of voice Share of Mind & heart Share Of Market Slide 43: Nourished Hair, Better Colored Not a Single Grey ……Garnier Slide 44: The Diva of Tableware is Here Laopala Slide 45: Drop Your Dry Skin Fa Slide 46: Experience the freshness of New Clothes. Wash after wash Samsung Slide 47: Mesmerize the world Nakshatra Slide 48: Much more than juice active Slide 49: As exciting under the bonnet too swift Slide 50: Unstoppable-just like your dreams …………citizen

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