Published on February 15, 2012

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LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Submitted By Tanveer wani Saqib Naik Khalid Bashir Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir (2011) PowerPoint Presentation: INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT This project is developed for providing comfort to library employees and students. This will provide easy access to all books available in the library, and will serve as a catalogue. AIM OF PROJECT: AIM OF PROJECT The main aim of the project are as under To reduce man power To give user –friendly environment To give accurate accuracy To give security of database and important files To provide quick access SNAP SHOTS OF FORMS: SNAP SHOTS OF FORMS SPLASH BAR Splash bar increases till the project is loaded: SPLASH BAR Splash bar increases till the project is loaded LOGIN FORM: LOGIN FORM MDI FORM : MDI FORM PASSWORD CHANGE FORM For Administrator: PASSWORD CHANGE FORM For Administrator Search Form : Search Form Form shows Information About BOOKS: Form shows Information About BOOKS REPORTS ABOUT BOOKS And MEMBERS : REPORTS ABOUT BOOKS And MEMBERS Books Report: Books Report Member Reports: Member Reports BOOK ISSUE: BOOK ISSUE FUTURE SCOPE: FUTURE SCOPE This project can be converted into a fully commercial project with little or no modifications. This can be fully implemented in any type of library. In future Bar-Code system can be implemented. CONCLUSION: CONCLUSION Last but not the least thing about the project is that it has been made as an effort to provide a cheap and easily available application to all institutions. The project will be made available free of cost to any institution in need of it. THANKING WITH ANTICIPTION: THANKING WITH ANTICIPTION We are highly thankful to Mr. Majed Bashir Malik( Asstt professor,PG Department)for his valuable guidance and encouragement. In Addition we will not forget to thank Mr. Muazzum (student of C.S.E 7 th sem.) and Mr. Aasim Rafiq (student of C.S.E 7 th sem .) THANK YOU: THANK YOU

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