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Published on August 9, 2012

Author: singhvi_ankit09



PowerPoint Presentation: Dabbawala Are you hungry? Would you like a steaming hot home cooked meal for lunch?. Impossible ?? Not at all if you are in Mumbai The Pride of Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation: DABBAWALA 5000 Dabbawala 2,00,000 Dabbas 125 years old Most are Illiterate Mistakes are rare Team work/Simplicity Prince Charles Friend India’s Top Brand Pride Of Mumbai Icon Of Hard Work PowerPoint Presentation: 2 bicycle (approx.Rs.4000) Wooden crate for tiffin boxes Rs.500 White cotton kurta pyjama Rs.600 Gandhi Topi Rs.20 INVESTMENT PowerPoint Presentation: Error Rate:- 1 in 18 million deliveries No advanced Technology used Cost Of service:- Rs. 150- 300 per Month Standard price for all (Weight; Distance; Space) Meticulous timing Tiffin boxes collection :0700hrs to 0900hrs am Return Tiffin boxes : by 1800hrs. Earnings:- 4000 To 6000 P.m ACHIEVEMENTS OF DABBAWALA PowerPoint Presentation: Wearing White Gandhi Topi and white kurta pyjama during business Hrs. Always reporting on time for duty Behaves Properly & respect the customers Carry Identity cards. How to identify a Dabbawala PowerPoint Presentation: CODING SYSTEM Markings for collection point eg: VP:: Vile Parle C:: Cooper Hospital Red colour denotes Stations and the points Destination marking 10 and 9 :: Nariman Point M :: Mittal Tower 6:: 6 th floor PowerPoint Presentation: SOME EXAMPLES OF CODING SYSTEM:- PowerPoint Presentation: PERFORMANCE Precise timing Impressive performance Invited to give Guest lectures in many business schools in India and abroad Documentary on Dabbawala by BBC Prince Charles visited them. No advance technology involved in the success of Dabbawala Customers to access service can logon to website PowerPoint Presentation: Tiffin boxes are collected from homes between 0700am and 0900am Dabbawala moves using bicycles,trains and his own feet. They are taken to nearest railway station They are hauled into platforms Sorted area wise Last link in chain – relay of dabbawalas to deliver dabbas The whole process reverses Tiffin boxes to be returned back home JOURNEY OF DABBAWALA JOURNEY OF DABBAWALA: JOURNEY OF DABBAWALA PREPARED BY :-: PREPARED BY :- JANVI MAHNOT KINJAL SHAH PRIANCA MANOJ RAKSHANDA IRANI RISHIKA JAIN YASHVI SHAH

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