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Published on March 22, 2012

Author: Karankinng



A SEMINAR ON: A SEMINAR ON SMART DUST Presented by:- SAUMYA SAXENA ECE-B (THIRD YEAR) ROLL NO. 0903031092 PowerPoint Presentation: WHAT IS SMART DUST? IDEA BEHIND SMART DUST REQUIREMENTS TECHNOLOGY USED TO MAKE IT SMART COMPONENTS OF SMART DUST TRANSMITTED AND RECEIVED WAVEFORM CURRENT ADVANCEMENTS THE DARK SIDE ADVANTAGES CONCLUSION CONTENTS WHAT IS SMART DUST?: WHAT IS SMART DUST? Tiny, wireless, Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors (MEMS) Computing circuits Bidirectional wireless communication Power supply Eventually of the size of Grain of Sand IDEA BEHIND SMART DUST: IDEA BEHIND SMART DUST To pack sophisticated sensors, tiny computers and wireless communicators in to a cubic-millimeter note This form the basis of integrated, massively distributed sensor networks. Light enough to remain suspended in air for hours. As the motes drift on wind, they can monitor the environment for light, sound, temperature, chemical composition and a wide range of other information, and beam that data back to the base station, miles away. REQUIREMENTS: REQUIREMENTS Sensors Microcontroller A/D converter SRAM Communication circuits Power control circuits THE TECHNOLOGIES USED TO MAKE IT SMART: THE TECHNOLOGIES USED TO MAKE IT SMART Digital Circuitary Laser Driven Wireless Communication MEMS DIGITAL CIRCUITARY: DIGITAL CIRCUITARY To build a self contained, millimeter scale sensing & communication platform for a massively distributed sensor network Device will be around the size of grain of sand Contain sensors, computational ability, bidirectional wireless communication & a power supply LASER DRIVEN WIRELESS COMMUNICATION: LASER DRIVEN WIRELESS COMMUNICATION Active transmitter uses a laser diode with beam steering to create a modulated optical source To conserve power, a corner cube retroreflector with 3 mutually perpendicular faces is used Base of retroreflector is a MEMS flap that modulates the reflected beam MEMS: MEMS Miniature machines built in same way as integrated circuits and work on a technology called Photolithography PowerPoint Presentation: COMPONENTS OF SMART DUST TRANSMITTED & RECEIVED WAVEFORM: TRANSMITTED & RECEIVED WAVEFORM PowerPoint Presentation: CURRENT ADVANCEMENTS MICROROBOTICS PowerPoint Presentation: Large scale bodies that incorporate communications, processing, sensors and batteries into a package about a cubic inch in size. They can range from fire detectors to espionage, from earthquake monitoring to people tracking. The basic structure of COTS dust consists of a microcontroller with sensors and communication unit. The communication unit is one of the following: an RF transceiver, a laser module, a corner cube reflector. Devices can have one or all of the following sensors: temperature, light, humidity, pressure, 3axis magnetometer, 3axis accelerometers . COTS DUST PowerPoint Presentation: This consists of a CMOS IC that contains an integrated optical receiver, an analog to digital converter, and a custom controller. This IC is designed to interface with a MEMS chip consisting of a solar cell array for powering the system, a corner cube retro reflector and a capacitor accelerometer which will be read by ADC. The entire system will be 6.6 mm3. GOLEM DUST PowerPoint Presentation: MILITARY APPLICATIONS Detection of chemical & biological weapons Battle field treaty monitoring Defense related sensor network Weapons stockpile monitoring Live telecast of enemies camp CIVILIAN APPLICATIONS Temperature & humidity monitoring Detection of amount of pollution in water Speed measurement of moving vehicles Product quality monitoring APPLICATIONS PowerPoint Presentation: There are several other applications also like: Inventory controls Land or space communication networks Monitoring environmental conditions that affect crops and livestock Building virtual keyboards Providing interfaces for the disabled Internal space craft monitoring APPLICATIONS (cont.) PowerPoint Presentation: Solves most pressing economic problem of the day: run away energy cost Sensors would form a network relaying data once attached to building’s walls Save nations on electricity costs as buildings drain away more than 1/3 rd of total energy supply ADVANTAGES THE DARK SIDE: THE DARK SIDE Personal privacy may be blown away There may be a major environmental impact as a result of the motes flying around the atmosphere PowerPoint Presentation: Every technology has a dark side. But the potential benefits of this technology outweighs the risks to personal privacy. Also there is nothing to worry about the environmental impact due to these motes because if by ill chance you did inhale one, it would be just like inhaling a gnat! CONCLUSION PowerPoint Presentation: REFRENCES PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You! PowerPoint Presentation: Queries ?

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