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Published on September 21, 2015

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1. Peter Barros Digital Content Strategist IBM September 17, 2015 #ContentMarketing That Soars: 20 Social Media Content Ideas to Skyrocket Reach and Engagement

2. Opportunity is great to optimize and trail blaze social media with branded content Source: Michael A. Stelzner, 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, May 2014. 97%of businesses use social media for marketing purposes report social media is important for company success find it difficult to optimize social content 55%92%

3. Know your audience and what social networks they use Use of social media is as varied as we are, so it’s important to understand where and how your audience uses social. Most social media activity takes place on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But there are lots of channels. Ask your customers what social media platforms they use, and how they use them. Are they primarily using a smartphone for social media? If yes, you need to be sure your content is mobile-friendly. Number 1 Source: April Heavens-Woodcock, Slideshare: A Morning of Social Media, 23 October 2014.

4. The best Interactive content, like online quizzes, are popular social assets that allow users to learn about themselves – and make them likely to not only engage but also share and comment about their results. Use to drive traffic by whetting appetite for longer form content. Allow users to interact with your content Number 2 LONG-FORM CONTENT EMBEDED WIDGET WEB PAGE SOCIAL DRIVE-TO LONG-FORM CONTENT 82% completion rate 23% share rate EXAMPLE: PERSONALITY QUIZ

5. How to create an interactive quiz today Number 2 1. Write your quiz. Determine what expertise your audience wants to learn from you. Write 5-8 questions to test their knowledge or uncover what kind of personality they are Determine your kitchen cabinetry style What’s the best way to brew coffee? Are you a home renovation genius? What Nintendo character are you? 3. Publish and share. Embed on web pages or blogs with minimal amount of code. Share to social media platforms and ad servers. 2. Build your quiz. Choose a quiz provider like Plyfe or Qzzr. Select a quiz type and upload questions and images. 4. Track effectiveness and improve via dashboards.

6. Planning always-on content for social media posts can be overwhelming, but keeping a content calendar can keep you organized and make sure you have a consistent cadence of social assets. Build editorial themes that you want to drive home. Find the intersection between what your audience wants and what your brand wants to be known for. Ensure you’re considering all content types and length for a robust mix of content -- and making sure you’re adequately covering the social networks where you belong. Plan ahead with a social media content calendar Number 3 PLANNED 70% Mapped out on editorial calendar, this content is aligned to objectives and relevant events that support brand storytelling and engagement RAPID RESPONSE 10% News, events or social activity that requires immediate response TRENDING 20% Content about current or upcoming trends where your band can have a credible POV Themes Content types Build your career skills Lessons from startups Go behind the scenes BLOG POST SOCIAL TILES SLIDESHARE VIDEO PODCAST WEBINAR SOCIAL TILES SOCIAL TILES BLOG POST Map out your content types by theme for a given week or given month to ensure your audience gets a good mix of content across all your editorial themes.

7. FACEBOOK  Best day to post is on Saturdays  Next best is to post during lunchtime. LINKEDIN  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays have highest reach and engagement – Peak times are 7-8am and 5-6pm in US time zones TWITTER  Nearly 50% of Twitter users are in US Eastern time zone  Most retweets occur after 5pm  Most click-throughs occur around noontime and 6pm. INSTAGRAM  For greatest reach, post Mondays and during off-work hours For greatest reach and engagement, there are certain days of the week and times of the day, by venue, that will get you the most reach and engagement. Use a scheduler like Hootsuite, BufferApp etc. to post in advance. Post at optimal times Number 4 Lots of great posting recommendations available from HubSpot and kissmetrics SCHEDULE YOUR CONTENT IN ADVANCE WITH TESE TOOLS

8. A virtual world can be extended from a physical event. DJ James Murphy created music from real-time US Open match data for IBM Music was streamed live to accompany TV broadcast, and made available on SoundCloud. A myriad of assets for many social venues were created based on the musical segments. Create a virtual world from a physical one Number 5 FACEBOOKTWITTER YOUTUBE Music videos and making-of video SOUNDCLOUD Can embed elsewhere TUMBLR FACEBOOK

9. Make physical events available virtually not only for the members of your audience who couldn’t attend in person – but also for the physical attendees who are socially savvy and want to share their experiences on social networks. Also, you’re digital content can live on well past the event and be optimized for search engines. An easy way to create a virtual world from an event Number 5 1. Use Storify to create a story around an event, including photos, video and quotes. 2. Drag and drop content into your story. • Buzz and preparations beforehand • Actual event including interviews and candid shots and videos • Live stream the event • Include live blogging • Reactions by attendees 3. Publish on storify.com and/or embed on wordpress or your website STORIFY EXAMPLE Add posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google search, your own photos, etc.

10. Visual quote social tiles can be easiest, highest engaging pieces of content to create. Template can be created in advance and used at events to produce social tiles to appear like breaking news Including faces on Facebook and Twitter posts can increase engagement 30-50% TWITTER LINKEDIN FACEBOOK Share visual quotes Number 6

11. A CTA is a call-to-action – a singular, clear instruction that tells your audience what they should do next. If you’re running an ad, a CTA is critical to increasing response and ROI. If just posting regular content, you can increase engagement by encouraging followers to comment or share. Include a clear Call-to-Action Number 7

12. We know that engaging with social media influencers can increase awareness of your brand, create brand advocates, increase online reputation, as well as increase page rank. But influencers may also be flattered and eager to create short-form content for you, and therefore be very willing to share and promote with followers. Make it easy for them. Provide them with the materials to create what you’re looking for. Influencers hand drawings used in social tiles and slideshare. Ask your influencers to create content Number 8

13. Social media allows for rapid testing of concepts, tone, and types of content – in order to identify best performing assets before you pay to promote them. First step is to identify your key metrics. Are you trying to build reach, engagement, or click- throughs? Which social channels are most important to optimize your pay promotion budget? Be nimble! Don’t be afraid to fail in order to learn lessons each time. TWITTER More creative tile created 300% more engagement than more traditional, advertising-like tile vs. Test, and test again Number 9 WINNER A Scientific Guide to Hashtags: How Many, Which Ones, and Where to Use: http://buff.ly/1eohLhp The Research Behind Hashtags: How to Find What Really Works: http://buff.ly/1eohUBx TWITTER Tweet copy that described an actual item the user would get with specifics about what they would learn garnered 66% more click-thrus Source: BufferApp FACEBOOK Self-explanatory image brought in 700% more clicks than abstract image Source: BufferApp vs. vs. WINNER WINNER

14. Want to prove a point? Well- crafted data visualization can be the most effective tool to tell a story in the seconds of attention you’ll garner on social media. Create a datagram for social media within minutes using visage.co’s online tool Grab attention with a compelling statistic Number 10

15. One of the best ways to pull customers in with engaging content is combining the power of storytelling with social media. We as human beings share a common way to understand the world – through story-telling. And story-telling is inherently social. Social media also makes it easy for brands to engage and harvest their audience for content. The collective story can be comprised of user-generated content curated to amplify and humanize your brand in an authentic way – and making your audience feel special and become advocates along the way. Tell a collective story by your audience Number 11 EXAMPLE: #LifeinCbus Campaign by to lure Millenials to consider relocating to Columbus, OH. Submitted and other curated content LIFEINCBUS.COM #LIFEINCBUS

16. Social media is inherently conversational. So strike a conversational tone in your copy. Make sure your voice is authentic to your brand. Especially important in social media where you have little time to exert your brand. Marketers many times do not naturally speak like target audience (e.g. highly technical, scientific, tweens, etc.). Non-marketers within your company may be a good sounding board for proposed copy. Writing (and re-writing) copy for social media Number 12 TWITTER • Keep your character count under 90 (even though 140 are allowed!) • Use popular related hashtags to piggyback on popular streams FACEBOOK • Tone should be super-conversational • Ask a question to encourage comments • Include an eye-catching image (especially faces) LINKEDIN. • Highlight a specific tip in your post • Ask a question to encourage comments • Tailor update to groups where you share Source:

17. Re-imagine existing content Re-purposing an existing white paper into a more visual, sharable asset on Slideshare added a new life to existing content Magazine spread format with ample room for data visualization provides greater readability / consumability Number 13 SLIDESHARETRADITIONAL WHITE PAPER

18. Measure your content’s effectiveness What’s the best way to allocate your finite content creation budget and resources? Look at your content’s performance. To successfully analyze social media content, you’ll need to determine what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) make sense for you. Number 14 KPIs TO CONSIDER REACH Understand the potential and actual reach of your content. Followers and fans of your social property are important. But more important are those who actually see your content. ENGAGEMENT Likes and favorites are important measures of how good your content is. But even better are people who really endorse your content by sharing, forwarding, retweeting it. CLICK-THRUS Which content causes you audience to click-through more often? Is it certain themes, or certain types of content? Learn and optimize. CONVERSION Look beyond social media to your own website, online shop, or landing page. Track the behavior of your social media visitors as they progress on to your own properties. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS GREAT TOOLS FOR MEASURING CONTENT

19. ABC: Always be constructive Content marketing is about providing utility to your audience – in contrast to disruptive advertising, which audiences are ignoring more and more. Try to provide your audience with value in most everything that you do. Posts your audience finds useful are usually the most shared and retweeted – transforming your followers into advocates. Number 15 HOW GOOGLE WORKS BED BUG IDENTIFICATION CARD

20. Take chances as an early adopter MEERKAT Live-stream video app Schedule and promote real-time interviews with influencers Consider niche but fast-growing channels like Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat, and Beme – depending on your brand identity and audience. Become a trailblazer on these venues by creating a unique campaign that only your brand has the permission for. PERISCOPE Live stream video Amplify your PR efforts with real- time behind the scenes shots of events SNAPCHAT Pics and videos disappear quickly Reach B2C, especially young female audience, and make them feel special with exclusive announcements BEME 4-second, uneditable videos Amuse skeptical millenials with short videos that can underscore a brand’s authenticity WECHAT Mobile text and voice messaging Multi-national brands can reach global B2C audience, especially China, with large and still fast- growing messaging app. Number 19 Number 20Number 18 Number 17Number 16

21. Thank you! Get the IBM White Paper The Content Marketing Challenge Learn how to maximize content marketing through a combination of technology and process Read this white paper for a deeper look into the challenges and inefficiencies of today’s marketing production cycle, and to explore the different ways marketers can take control of the entire content marketing process to:  Increase customer engagement  Optimize content spend performance  Drive brand consistency Peter Barros Digital Content Strategist IBM @ThePeterBarros https://www.linkedin.com/in/barrospeteribm.biz/contentmarketing

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