2013 Internet Librarian Conference with narration

Information about 2013 Internet Librarian Conference with narration

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: sullivsar1

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Conference Report: 2013 : Conference Report: 2013 October 27 – 29, 2013 Monterey, CA Sarah Sullivan Libr 281-03 December 1, 2013 Overview: Overview Introduction: Focus of conference Why this conference? Vendors Insights Introduction: Focus of Conference: Introduction: Focus of Conference Demographics: Information professionals who are embracing internet, intranet, and web-based technologies. Themes: Community engagement. Effect of mobile devices & electronic collections on library spaces/services. Utilization of social networking, tablets, and apps as part of information Professional’s toolkit. Why This Conference?: Why This Conference? Break away from my traditional understanding of libraries and library work. Technologically insecure, so want to familiarize myself with web/cloud based world. Expand my job searches to include tech-vendors Learn more about use of apps and tablets. Vendors: Vendors The life-blood of the industry. Vendors Reviewed: Vendors Reviewed Bibliocommons Innovative Interfaces Mango Scannx Springer Link Information Today PowerPoint Presentation: Content management system. Connects catalogs for public libraries. Designs websites. Online services/groups. Great innovative company. People were friendly, enthusiastic & helpful. Jobs for MLIS graduates. PowerPoint Presentation: Mission: Provider of integrated library systems. A cademic, medical, law, public, etc. Products: Millenium Sierra Encore INN-Reach Lots of MLIS jobs! Fun, friendly company! Systems Librarian: Client Support Research Strategies NO SALES! NO TECH! Information Producers/Software: Information Producers/Software Mango Scannx Hardware Converting books to searchable PDF & Word. Inter-library loan services Cloud-based Not as friendly No MLIS jobs Online language learning course. Subscription programs Libraries Individuals K–12/ESL Corporate, etc. Fun, friendly company. No MLIS jobs Publishing companies: Publishing companies Insights: Insights Loved Innovative Interfaces & Bibliocommons Mango seems great BUT No MLIS jobs Tablet possibilities Excited about job prospects References: References http://www.infotoday.com/il2013/ http://www.bibliocommons.com/ http://www.iii.com/index.php http://www.mangolanguages.com/ http://www.scannx.com/ http://link.springer.com/ http://www.infotoday.com/default.asp

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