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Published on July 28, 2014

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Strategic Workforce Planning: Strategic Workforce Planning Marin HR Forum July 15, 2014 Joanne Peterson, Human Resources Director, County of Marin Angela Nicholson, Assistant Director of Human Resources, County of Marin Learning Objectives: Learning Objectives Understand the value of Strategic Workforce Planning Develop workforce planning processes to ensure and increase collaboration and strategic alignment Understand Labor Management Partnerships in the New Economy Consider new approaches to building trust and accountability within the relationship Create clarity of vision and expectations Our Story: Our Story Who are we ? What do we do? Why strategic planning? How do we do it? What is the result of our investment? Who are we?: Who are we? Who are we?: Who are we? Local government with a workforce of 2000+ public servants Average age = 49 53% Female 86% represented by Labor – 12 MOUs 49% live in Marin Annual Budget = $ 500,000,000 Employees working in 50+ locations 23 departments within 5 service areas Diversity Trending: Diversity Trending Eligible and Likely to Retire: Eligible and Likely to Retire What do we do?: What do we do? What do we do?: What do we do? Build and support healthy communities Create and protect safe communities Ensure sustainable communities, honoring our environmental heritage Encourage community participation Broad Occupational Needs: Broad Occupational Needs Current Public Service Environment: Current Public Service Environment 70% of budget are people investments Protection, Programs and Policies Regulated by Civil Service Rules Highly impacted by the recession Slow-growth County Need to build partnerships Struggle to find common mission Why Strategic Planning?: Why Strategic Planning? Why Strategic Planning?: Why Strategic Planning? Strategic planning is a “disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is , what it does, and why it does it.” John Bryson Creating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan What is Strategy?: What is Strategy? “It’s not about getting to the puck, it’s about getting to where the puck is going to be.” --- Wayne Gretsky What is in it for HR?: What is in it for HR? Create Transparency Engage Stakeholders Provide Clarity Build Joint Accountability Create a Score Card Measure progress – the impact of investments How did we do it?: How did we do it? The Current Assessment: The Current Assessment The County of Marin has undertaken a number of initiatives and plans designed to: Improve organizational systems and services Obtain regular feedback from employees and the community Evaluate programs and plan for the future of the organization 2001 Strategic Plan 2004 Managing for Results 2006 Workforce Plan 2008 Administrative Consolidation 2009 Long-term Restructuring Plan – reduced the workforce by 12% 2010 – Equal Employment Report and Plan Data, Trends and Forecasting: Data, Trends and Forecasting The regional economy Workforce demographics Diversity Risk of retirements – loss of positions Barriers to meeting staff needs Labor Market Pension Reform and Unfunded Liabilities The Gaps and Focus Areas: The Gaps and Focus Areas Knowledge Management Succession Planning Inclusionary Practices* Staffing Contingent Workforce Tools Classification and Compensation Developing Supervision Skills Creating an Employer Brand Optimizing the Work of Volunteers On-Boarding Career Building for Women Managing Generational Diversity Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholder Engagement Elected Officials County Commissions Senior Management Labor Organizations 25 Focus Groups in 30 Days Engaged 250 stakeholders What are the results?: What are the results? The Resulting Final Plan: The Resulting Final Plan a blue  print for the future Mission To Create a thriving organization, with meaningful careers in public service. Goals: Goals a blue  print for the future Serve as Change Agents Support our People Promote a Positive Culture 3 goals…23 Strategic Directions…116 Actions: 3 goals…23 Strategic Directions…116 Actions 3.7 Strategic Direction: Educate, engage, and empower members of the workforce to make healthy lifestyle choices Develop 2011-2012 Wellness Ambassador Program Conduct “Know Your Numbers” Events Focus on Stress Management and Nutrition initiatives Manage the 2 nd Thrive Across American event in partnership with Kaiser Permanente Continue to engage with stakeholders to develop effective programs focused on promoting healthy lifestyles 3 goals…23 Strategic Directions…116 Actions: 3 goals…23 Strategic Directions…116 Actions 1.1 Strategic Direction: Redesign the classification and compensation system to allow for employee development and create flexibility to address changing business needs. Develop the County of Marin’s philosophy regarding classification and compensation guidelines. Obtain labor direction and engage labor partners Pilot the revision of several occupational classification groups  Evaluate pilot’s classification work Make revision and plans in accordance with evaluations 3 goals…23 Strategic Directions…116 Actions: 3 goals…23 Strategic Directions…116 Actions 3.1 Strategic Direction: Proactively engage in the development of a strong labor and management relationship which promotes collaboration and transparency. Build the Labor Management Partnership by developing specific and mutual goals and setting clear deliverables Continue labor management meetings with each labor group Enhance Labor Relations training for management Partner with Labor to discuss workplace issues for women with respect to the NOW consent decree How will we measure success?: How will we measure success? Quarterly updates on the action plan Demonstrate willingness to make course corrections Connect staff work to the plan Be willing to say No Retain and recruit talent Employee Surveying 2014 Survey Results - Workforce Engagement: 2014 Survey Results - Workforce Engagement © 2014 Press Ganey Associates, Inc.. Workforce Engagement Item 2014 Marin % Unfav Difference from 2012 67. Overall, I am a satisfied employee. 3.95 10% +. 03 65. I would recommend the County of Marin as a good place to work. 4.06 8% +. 09 48. I am proud to tell people I work for the County of Marin. 4.12 6% +. 08 59. I would like to be working in my department three years from now. 3.98 12% -. 01 Most Improved Items: Compared to 2012: Most Improved Items: Compared to 2012 © 2014 Press Ganey Associates, Inc.. MOST IMPROVEMENT Compared to your 2012 Survey Domain 2014 Marin   % Unfav Difference from 2012 22. My department cares about employee safety. ORG 4.07 7% +. 15 31. The County of Marin invests in leadership at all levels. ORG 3.32 26% +. 14 16. I am satisfied with the services provided by the County of Marin's Wellness program. ORG 3.63 8% +. 12 54. My department provides great customer service. ORG 4.20 5% +. 12 66. Information from this survey will be used to make improvements. ORG 3.50 19% +. 12 PowerPoint Presentation: "Leaders do not force people to follow -- they invite them on a journey."    Charles Lauer Questions? Link to the Plan: Link to the Plan http://www.marincounty.org/~/ media/Files/Departments/HR/Documents/StrategicWorkforcePlan.pdf

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