21st birthday ppt by may2

Information about 21st birthday ppt by may2

Published on April 21, 2007

Author: yingmay

Source: authorstream.com


Slide1: <![CDATA[ Just when you think there’s only one… There’re actually two!!! ]]> Slide2: <![CDATA[ Though the saying goes, “ one mountain cannot hide two tigers”…]]> Slide3: <![CDATA[ We’re actually two harmonious and smiley little babies…]]> Slide4: <![CDATA[ Oh ya!!! There’re MiMi and FaFa too!!!]]> Slide5: <![CDATA[ Years passes as we grow older…. ]]> Slide6: <![CDATA[ And the Hua Mao sisters made their first debut…]]> Slide7: <![CDATA[ As more years fly past…]]> Slide8: <![CDATA[ Oh no so speckie!!! There comes the ugly duckling years…]]> Slide9: <![CDATA[ We had lots of weird ideas…]]> Slide10: <![CDATA[ Also not forgetting Lousie… Those wrestling days…. And those days when we were charcoal black and bamboo thin…]]> Slide11: <![CDATA[ So intelligent! And so musically inclined! Primary school life was the time to discover our talents… So sporty!]]> Slide12: <![CDATA[ The trombone chose you!!! Progressing into secondary…]]> Slide13: <![CDATA[ The band brought us new experiences…]]> Slide14: <![CDATA[ Oh isn’t this just some kind of premonition?!]]> Slide15: <![CDATA[ Not long after… we graduated…]]> Slide16: <![CDATA[ Not knowing what awaits us in the uncertain future… JC life…]]> Slide17: <![CDATA[ On the faithful 7th Feb 2006 you left in the pursuit of your dream…]]> Slide18: <![CDATA[ Both practising dentistry... But some thousand miles apart…]]> Slide19: <![CDATA[ As said earlier… there’s some kinda premonition…]]> Slide20: <![CDATA[ Life over in Adelaide must have been a challenging one….]]> Slide21: <![CDATA[ You spent your 20th birthday over there… After we had 19 birthdays together…]]> Slide22: <![CDATA[ But not long after.. You were back with us together again!!! Well don’t really know how the 9 long months passed… Back to those good old days…]]> Slide23: <![CDATA[ To part is to meet again… And to meet is to part again…]]> Slide24: <![CDATA[ Another birthday you gonna spend in a foreign land… May you be blessed… Thanks for being such GREAT twin sister and friend for e past 21 years… You gotta be strong… And know that you can always count on me!!! For sure!!!]]> Slide25: <![CDATA[ HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!!]]>

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