Information about smile

Published on June 5, 2008

Author: msilmy



Slide 1: Animals Are Really People In Disguise . . . Slide 2: What part of quiet didn’t you understand?? Slide 3: Everyone needs to feel secure… Slide 4: Couldn’t help it Ma, the first step is a killer… Slide 5: Now, what do I do??? Slide 6: It’s in there somewhere, I just know it!!! Slide 7: Really need to get going, but just can’t seem to get motivated… Slide 8: Man… I’m getting so fat I can’t hardly scratch my own butt!! Slide 9: These morning walks are killing me Slide 10: Have you smiled today??? It is done by moving the corners of the mouth upward. Let me show you how… Slide 16: Now pass it on, and make someone else SMILE!!! Slide 17: Just In case Nobody Has Smiled At You Today…

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