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Published on January 10, 2009

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Academic Survival : Academic Survival Discovering Self-Motivation Presentation based on: Downing, Skip. On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and Life, 3rd Ed. Self-Motivation : Self-Motivation Successful Students Discover their dreams providing them with a passionately felt life purpose and consistent motivation. Struggling Students Have little sense of purpose, passion, or drive in their lives. Self-Motivation : Self-Motivation Successful Students Commit to their dreams, visualizing the successful creation of their ideal future. Struggling Students Wander aimlessly from one activity to another. Self-Motivation : Self-Motivation Successful Students Design a compelling life plan, complete with purposeful long- and short-term goals. Struggling Students Tend to invent their lives as they live them. Discover Your Dreams : Discover Your Dreams 1. What roles have you chosen for your life? 2. What dreams do you have for each role? Creating Inner Motivation : Creating Inner Motivation What is YOUR life all about? What will catapult you out of bed each morning and keep your energy surging throughout the day? What will give you peaceful, contented sleep at night? YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING THIS LIFE ! What do you want to have, do, and be??? Committing to Your Dreams : Committing to Your Dreams 1. Commit YOURSELF to your dream. When you commit to your dreams, you program your brain to look for solutions to your own problems and you stay committed to your dream even when times are rough. 2. Visualize Your Dream a. Relax b. Use present tense – Imagine yourself experiencing success NOW. c. Use all five senses. d. Feel the feelings of YOUR success. Design A Compelling Life Plan : Design A Compelling Life Plan Goals help make dreams become realities. They provide a game plan by which your life can be scripted. Goal Setting: DAPPS : Goal Setting: DAPPS Effective goals display five characteristics: Dated – Specific deadlines for achievement. Achievable – Goals must be realistic. Personal – Goals must be what YOU want for yourself- not what someone else wants for you. Positive – Goals must focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Specific – Goals must be stated in specific, measurable terms. YOUR Life Plan : YOUR Life Plan SUCCESS YOUR LIFE ROLES YOUR DREAMS IN EACH LIFE ROLE YOUR LONG-TERM GOALS FOR EACH DREAM YOUR SHORT-TERM GOALS FOR EACH LONG-TERM GOAL Believing in Yourself: A Personal Affirmation : Believing in Yourself: A Personal Affirmation What characteristics will you need to display in order reach your goals? Claim these characteristics by stating each of themfor yourself in the affirmative. Live your affirmation. Living Your Affirmation : Living Your Affirmation Live your affirmation by: Realize that you already possess the qualities you desire. Give power to your affirmation by repeating it over and over until it becomes as familiar to you as your name. Say your affirmation while looking at yourself in the mirror. Be vigilant about other words you use to describe yourself. Use your affirmation when life tests you. Record your affirmation on a loop tape.

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