3 Ways to Overcome Decision Paralysis

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Published on June 7, 2016

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1. 3 Ways to Overcome Decision Paralysis By Hendrik Kruizinga 1

2. Decision Paralysis, otherwise known as ‘analysis paralysis’, is the inability to make a decision due to a number of self-limiting factors. Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me 2

3. Do you spend your mornings thinking about what to wear, looking for another shirt that fits, or just throwing things on to see if it works... All to no avail? 3

4. This example is a classic case of decision paralysis. ...and now you’re probably wondering how else you suffer from it each week. 4Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me

5. Other classic examples of decision paralysis: ● What to have for lunch? ● What colour Gatorade should I drink? ● Which Netflix movie should I watch? ● Which travel insurer should I go with? 5

6. Think to yourself, how much energy do you expend on these seemingly irrelevant decisions? 6Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me

7. Louis C.K.’s 70% Rule 7

8. 70% The late Louis C.K. believed that any decision became easier once you were 70% confident of the choice. 8Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me

9. But with modern consumerism a part of daily life, choice can often be a BAD THING. 9

10. So in the eyes of Louis C.K., continually remove options until you have 70% bias towards an option… Then roll with it. 10Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me

11. David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom’s 1-3-5 System 11

12. David and Todd are researchers, directors and contributors at the O.C. Tanner Institute, and authors of the best selling book Great Work: How to Make a Difference People Love. 12Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me

13. The duo have studied leaders and leadership systems from around the world. They believe they have cracked the system of how leaders and decisions makers can overcome decisions paralysis. 13

14. The system breaks down decision paralysis into 3 simple steps: Pause and ask 1 good question. “88% of award-winning outcomes began when an employee paused and focused on asking the right question before rushing into execution mode.” Finally, talk to 5 people. “72% of award-winning outcomes happen when people reach out and discuss their decisions with others who may have differing opinions—people outside their inner circle of associates.” Then insist on 3 options. “Hold yourself accountable to always find three viable alternatives. Studies show that work is three times more likely to be valued as ‘important’ when someone has changed the mix by adding or removing an element or two.” 14Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me

15. My own method 15Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me

16. 1. Learn to differentiate. Differentiating between the minor and major decisions is powerful and has the potential to save not only minutes from your day, but place your mindset in a longer-term goal orientation. Thinking further ahead requires focus on the bigger picture, by investing our energy into how and why we make those decisions means we’ll care less about the minor ones. 16Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me

17. 2. Learn to disqualify. Learning to disqualify the choices when presented to you is vital, especially in sales or or retail scenarios. My solution is to disqualify them and place them in the firm ‘No’ bucket. Remember, you don’t need an answer for why they shouldn’t be chosen, you already had the answer why your choice was right in the first place. 17Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me

18. 3. Learn to delegate. I’ve learned that delegation is the single most productive tool in your arsenal, so long as you knowingly appreciate why you chose that person to delegate to. Delegation isn’t about task offloading, it’s about task allocation – by delegating you’re making a statement that the person you selected to make the decision is better than you at it. 18Lucid Smart Pill • www.lucid.me

19. Thank You! Copyright (c) 2016 Lucid Group Limited • www.lucid.me Curious about Lucid?

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