5 Tips For Writing An Effective Email Pitch

Information about 5 Tips For Writing An Effective Email Pitch

Published on June 7, 2016

Author: prnewsio

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1. Effective Email Pitches: How to Get the Media’s Attention in Professional Way

2. 1.Subject line is always important

3. Hello!Tell a reporter exactly what he/she can expect by reading inside a pitch email. Here you should generate an interest and drive a reporter into the story.

4. Get personal 2.

5. Read what he/she writes, probably your news will not suit to his/her scope of work. Never use “bbc:” line, because it gives impersonal feeling to the person who reads your email. It would be great if you could have got to know more about the reporter and what topics he usually covers. The second thing is that you need to email your pitch as a journalist is the only person who receives it.

6. 3. Keep it brief and straightforward

7. Several sentences will be enough. Remember the golden rule — keep it short and simple.

8. 4. Provide reviews and giveaways

9. To get a journalist interested in your news, offer a giveaway contest, free trial, discount or special promo which might be useful and attractive for him/her.

10. Avoid any attachments 5

11. ➜ If you have additional information, it’s better to provide a link. ➜ Provide him/her with social media links to your company’s accounts ➜ Using PRNEWS.io service Double check your press release before sending! An email pitch must not contain any attached word documents or image files.

12. Thanks! Any questions? You can find full article at: http://prnews.io/blog/12-Effective-Email-Pitches-How- to-Get-the-Medias-Attention-in-Professional-Way-.html

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