5 Wake Up Calls

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Published on December 20, 2012

Author: trhorsley

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PowerPoint Presentation: 5 Wake Up Calls Business Frontiers: 5 Wake up calls How to achieve your objectives Chasing new business Improve profitability Work/life balance Are you missing the obvious Business Frontiers Business Frontiers: Business Frontiers If you’ve always do what you’ve always done You will always get what you’ve always got Business Frontiers:  Business Frontiers 3% 27% 70% Nothing Verbal Written Your Business Objective: Have you, written it down Business Frontiers: Business Frontiers OBJECTIVES Immediate - short term - long term Achieving that objective Ownership: Your business Your service Your clients Your problems Ownership Taking Ownership of your business is the first step to increasing profits and customers Ownership:  Ownership Why do you take ownership Your expertise You’re the decision maker Ownership:  Ownership How do you take ownership Get re-acquainted with your business Staff – Clients - Services Ownership:  Ownership How do you take ownership Write up the problems – issues Make a list Prioritise Do the hardest thing first Ownership:  Ownership How do you take ownership Delegate If you don’t know Buy in the expertise Ask for help Timeline Ownership:  Ownership Listening Passive Selective Active Perceptive How do you listen? Listed carefully to all around you; you will be surprised at what you hear Ownership:  Ownership Own it Listen to your customers They are buying you and your expertise Don’t let the ownership of your business slip Profitability:  Profitability Increase price Streamline business processes Reduce staff Supplier prices Extra services Clients So you need to increase your profits Profitability:  Profitability PRODUCTS - CLIENTS Portfolio Tailored Commodity Clients New business Existing Profitability:  Profitability Existing CLIENTS Life time value Work it out Chasing new clients is not always the answer Profitability:  Profitability Life time value Estate Agent - keep in touch Carpet Cleaning - what didn’t they clean Offices - 18 months Plumber - service contracts Profitability:  Profitability Bread and Butter Needs replacing – repeat business New one every few weeks - months Off the shelf Buy mine Ongoing service Contracts Profitability:  Profitability INCREASE OF 10% price by customer by no of times customer buys from you by 10% 10% 10% 33% Plus if Cost Of Sales and Expenses were reduced by 5%, the result is a massive 155.55% increase Profitability:  Profitability Pricing What should the price include Cost of the product - service Time invested Travelling Phone support Delivery Install Training If you do put your price up, make it interesting Profitability:  Profitability Pricing When is it required Delivery to you When do you have to pay for it When will you paid The hidden costs! Profitability:  Profitability New CLIENTS Know your market Be specific Don’t do anybody anywhere marketing Profitability:  Profitability New CLIENTS Get creative Home owners Exhibitions Suppliers Counters A few examples Profitability:  Profitability New CLIENTS Clear pricing module Introductory offers Guarantees Support Associations Do you offer all this? Profitability:  Profitability New CLIENTS Listen closely Qualify in or out Quotes Stop quoting for the sake of quoting Follow up Marketing:  Marketing Sales and Marketing Don’t confuse the two Equally as important 2 acts in the whole process Marketing:  Marketing Telemarketing Advertising Social Media Mailshots Website Networking Exhibitions and Seminars/Workshops Marketing:  Marketing Marketing Strategy Telemarketing Who’s going to do it Who’s going to train them How are they to be rewarded Which market and products and how long Where are the contacts going to come from How are you going to measure the results Marketing:  Marketing Marketing Strategy Social Media Who’s going to do it Twitter, Facebook, Free Index LinkedIn, This is ‘glos-chelt-worc’ Blogger, 316 Who’s going to keep doing it How are you going to measure the results Marketing:  Marketing Marketing Strategy Advertising Who’s going to create it Yellow Pages, Local papers Specialist magazines Costs, how long and what products Direct Mail How are you going to measure the result Marketing:  Marketing Marketing Strategy QR CODES Use it. It’s free marketing Marketing:  Marketing Marketing Strategy Networking Where and which ones Time constraints How long Industry specific Commitment How are you going to measure the result Marketing:  Marketing Marketing Strategy Who is going to do it How long What do you expect How much are you going to spend What are you going to promote Who’s going to follow up Where are you going to get your targets from Happy to get marketing! Marketing:  Marketing Simple marketing tomorrow Business cards Leaflet Website up to date Send a letter to your existing customers QR Codes Selling: Selling Sales Strategy Who is going to do it How long What do you expect How much are you going to pay them What are you going to promote Who’s going to follow up Where are you going to get your targets from And the selling bit Marketing:  Marketing Review what you are doing Adopt a different approach Buy in expertise Don’t let it consume you USP (unique selling proposition) Face to Face Communications:  Communications Communications Plan Who How What Crisis management You need to communicate Communications:  Communications Communications Plan Who Customers Colleagues Staff Friends and family Communications:  Communications Communications Plan How Email Letter Website Facebook Skype Text Phone Networking Taking Control:  Taking Control Time management Work life balance Holidays Expectation levels Yours Your customers Taking Control:  Taking Control What is your end result Core objective - vision Review and planning Activity - products Financial How do you know if your doing OK Marketing Who – what – where – when – how Taking Control:  Taking Control Sales Costs – targets Delivery Who – support Administration and operations Systems – checklists Team Staff – suppliers Taking Control:  Taking Control Results Reviewing Testing Planning Measuring Adjusting Celebrations Are you missing the obvious:  Are you missing the obvious Review subscriptions Ring a few clients Create a newsletter to email Analyse your database Disaster recovery Get your book keeping up together Pick 2 – 3 products to focus on Know your competition Time management 5 Wake Up Calls: STOP - Doing What you not good at Wasting time with time wasters LESS - Of Things with no impact KEEP - Doing Marketing Lead generation 5 Wake Up Calls 5 Wake Up Calls: MORE - Of Face to face Video marketing Testing START - Doing Planning Taking Control Work Life Balance 5 Wake Up Calls Business Frontiers:  The day to day demands of running a business can often divert attention from building on the successes gained to date. An expert business advisor provides guidance, expertise and motivation to help prioritise actions for growth. Business Frontiers Any questions – you know how to find me – most people do Business Frontiers: Marketing Strategies Social Media Tele Marketing Advertising Sales Plans Customer Retention People Skills Acquisitions Change Management Internal Processes Supply Chains Business Frontiers Business Frontiers: Personal Development Skill Sets Goals and Objectives Business Growth Unique Selling Point Customer Satisfaction Long Term Commitments Effective Communication Creating Awareness Communications Plans Business Frontiers

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