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Published on March 12, 2020

Author: AliceGrant10

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1. 6 Fashion Picks for versatile lifestyle Daniel Choi — Co-founder at 33apartment cafe, a Brand Director & Barber 11 Mar 2020 STRIM S-LOG

2. What I do I like wearing multiple hats. I am the Co-founder of 33apartment Cafe, Fashion Brand Director of Sartisan & Hangover, and a barber at a salon. I enjoy leading multiple tasks together with fast momentum.

3. This is my routine 7:00am I drop by at my cafe and take care of the space while having a cup of coffee for myself.

4. This is my routine 1:00pm I visit the showroom for branding & design work or attend a meeting.

5. This is my routine 8:00pm I visit my hair salon and handle customers with reservations.

6. I pursue to be a Renaissance man as “a person can do all things if he will.”

7. While working in cafes, suit brands, or barber shops, my styles are very different for each place. Indeed, I intentionally ‘perform my appearance.’ I believe every place demands a different makeover depending on your role. Perform my look

8. What I wear #product_top5 Cashmere crew neck sweater, $39.26 Uniqlo There is no particular style demand to work at the cafe. But I like to dress in a casual classic or street fashion. I purchased UNIQLO's cashmere knit sweaters during a sale. They are soft and come in a variety of colors. The cashmere fabric is light and warm.

9. What I wear #product_top5 Jack purcell sneakers, $60 Converse For the choice of shoes, I carefully decide whether they’d fit my style and if they will last long time. I prefer both modern and classic style shoes. But since my work at a salon demands long working hours, I prefer wearing Jack Purcell often because they’re extremely light and comfortable.

10. What I wear #product_top5 Santal 33 Perfume 50ml, $200.81 Le Labo I've been using Le Labo's Santal 33 for a while. It has very natural scent. This brand is NY based, and their mission statement resonates with me, which states "the future of luxury [...] lies in craftsmanship." #LeLabo #Perfume

11. What I wear #product_top5 CURTIS FLIGHT BAG, $240 Frost River This bag, one of my favorites, is my partner for every vacation and business trip. I really like its strap— makes the bag hard to lose. Due to thick and resilient material, it gets a bit heavy to carry around when stuffed. I expect the leather would get fade as it ages, and display more vintage look.

12. What I wear #product_top5 Original GAZELLE Sneakers, $49.75 Adidas I often wear sneakers when I dress casually. I bought these Adidas during my trip to the United States. It gets along every fashion style.

13. What I wear Naked skin with Tattoo Tattoo is a style by itself. I really love tattoos, so I have several of them already. My favorite is the deer figure on my arms and legs. Deer is my spirit animal.

14. “Every place demands a different makeover depending on your role.”◼ #versatile_liefstyle #brand director #barber #workaholic

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