6 features to look out for in Tata Sky HD Plus

Information about 6 features to look out for in Tata Sky HD Plus

Published on July 29, 2014

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Tata Sky+ HD: Tata Sky+ HD 6 features to look out for in Tata Sky HD Plus: 6 features to look out for in Tata Sky HD Plus Tata Sky HD services faced an initial disappointment due to multiple set top boxes, 10 different kinds of plans and costs leaving the customer all perplexed and frustrated. They offered 3 different types of Set Top boxes; one with HD but no recording, the other one with recording but no HD and a base Box with neither of the two features. The brand immediately did a makeover of the offerings and introduced the hugely anticipated Tata Sky plus HD. The Set Top Box is conglomerate of HD and recording services. Similar changes were done in Tata Sky HD price. Here are some of the features in HD segment from the brand. Recording!: Recording! You can record up to 600 hours of programs in Standard Definition on the 500 GB Hard Disk. Although recording HD programs would have a upper limit of lesser number of hours. However, the box can record only 2 shows in parallel while you are watching one of those two programs simultaneously. IPhone app: IPhone app This was a smart move by the brand in plunging at the handheld devices. Tata Sky IPhone app features in detail schedule of the programs. You can create your customised lists of preferred programs and even set reminders. This one is useful for people who are always on the run. Free Movies: Free Movies Yes, Tata Sky features a dedicated HD channel to show near about recent films. Since they are available free of cost, you should not expect the most recent films. They might be a few years older but still a good option to spend your lazy Sunday afternoon. Paid channels for latest films are a separate offering. Pause It!: Pause It! One of the most popular features from Tata Sky HD is Live pausing of the programmes. Known as ‘Pause Live TV’, the pause can be done for upto 45 min and lets you attend other significant household jobs. Tata Sky introduced the feature in India and continues to offer the best. You may resume to Live transmission as well. HD at its best: HD at its best Tata Sky HD streaming is unquestionably, the best of all we have in India. Crystal Clear pictures in sync with the cracking audio make it a perfect pick for sports and movie lovers. However, to achieve the optimised usage, you must have a full HD TV. Plus, many other considerations such as the size of your TV vs. The size and shape of room are some factors that greatly influence the overall experience. The HD streaming at 1080i produces a stunning image that doesn’t lose quality or appear blurred on wide screens. Expensive?: Expensive? While Airtel TV and Reliance are two of the expensive services, Dish TV and Videocon are the cheapest. Tata Sky lies somewhere between both the extremes. Tata Sky HD price has been adjusted with an aim at ensuring quality without posing much burden on the consumer’s pocket. The best amongst all plans can be an annual mega plan that features all channels in HD at Rs 5500. For an extended connection under same subscription, the total cost would be Rs 7400 for 2 TVs.

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