6 класс Holidays

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Published on July 14, 2014

Author: sav_804

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PowerPoint Presentation: Hello my friend! This is my hand! How are you? I’m glad to see you!!! What is summer holidays?: What is summer holidays? The weather is usually…: The weather is usually… Sometimes it is… What do people do? :  What do people do? PowerPoint Presentation: Repeat the words: Swim Play basketball Play volleyball Go to the sea Stay at home PowerPoint Presentation: What do you like doing in summer? PowerPoint Presentation: Past Simple PowerPoint Presentation: V – ed , V-2 PowerPoint Presentation: The day before yesterday Yesterday Last week …ago Once Last year Last month PowerPoint Presentation: 2 form: V 1 + ed work ed PowerPoint Presentation: ten days ago last summer yesterday the day before yesterday last year a month ago PowerPoint Presentation: lov lov e stu d y stu d y i ed ed ed st o p st o p p e Regular verbs V → V- ed: Regular verbs V → V- ed [t] Watch ed Walk ed Talk ed Finish ed Look ed [id] Skat ed Want ed Collect ed Paint ed need ed [d] Play ed Learn ed Tri ed Cri ed Smil ed studi ed PowerPoint Presentation: [t] [id] [d] watched learned collected cried painted finished played skated talked walked wanted tried smiled needed looked Кенгуренку Кенгуру говорила поутру: «Надо быстренько вставать, И английский повторять» :  Кенгуренку Кенгуру говорила поутру: «Надо быстренько вставать, И английский повторять» To write – wrote – written To eat – ate –eaten To speak – spoke – spoken To break – broke – broken To come – came – come To become – became – become To run – ran – run To swim – swam – swum To know – knew – known To throw – threw – thrown To blow – blew – blown To fly – flew – flown To sing – sang – sung To ring – rang – rung To hide – hid – hidden To bite – bit – bitten To send- sent – sent To spend – spent - spent To sleep – slept - slept To help – helpt - helpt To tell – told - told To sell – sold - sold To teach – taught - taught To catch – caught - caught To fight – fought – fought To think – thought – thought To buy – bought – bought To bring – brought – brought To cut – cut – cut To shut – shut – shut To cost – cost – cost To lose – lost - lost

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