6 Reasons You Aren't Getting Clients from Your Website

Information about 6 Reasons You Aren't Getting Clients from Your Website

Published on July 30, 2014

Author: TMarieHilton

Source: authorstream.com


PowerPoint Presentation: j Your copy is speaking to the wrong audience…or no audience at all. Have you narrowed your target market down to specifics? Are you speaking the language of your target market in your copy? Is your copy written for your target market specifically? PowerPoint Presentation: k Your copy talks at your audience rather than to them Is your copy talking directly to your target market? Does it let them know you feel their pain? Do you confidently share how you can help? PowerPoint Presentation: l You aren’t doing anything to bring visitors back to your website Provide answers to target market’s questions Become an information resource Provide useful and informative content PowerPoint Presentation: m You’ve made it difficult for your visitors to contact you. Have a contact page with multiple ways to get in touch- contact form, email address, phone, social media, etc. Make the link to your contact page highly visible in your website navigation. Consider including your email address on every page in the footer or a sidebar. PowerPoint Presentation: n You aren’t promoting your website. Include your website address on your business cards Add your website address to your email signature Include your website address in social media profiles Tell people to visit your website for helpful information (see #3) PowerPoint Presentation: o Your website is stale, outdated and/or difficult to read on a mobile device. Make sure your website looks updated & fresh. Successful brands do website makeovers often. Make sure new content is added often. Note: a blog is perfect for this, but pay attention to copy too! Be sure your website is responsive, allowing for ease of reading on phones and tablets. PowerPoint Presentation: HELLO MY NAME IS Girly Girl Geek Designs can help you with #6; we ♥ doing website makeovers! Loving this slidedeck? Wish you had time to pull one together? I can help with that too. Contact me for more information. T.Marie Hilton girlygirlgeek.com clericaladvantage.com The material for this slidedeck was repurposed from a series originally published on my Tips from T. Marie blog. Want help turning your old blog posts into shareable slidedecks ? Contact me today

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