6 Simple Tips of Eco Friendly Wedding

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Published on July 21, 2014

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6 Simple Tips of Eco Friendly Wedding: 6 Simple Tips of Eco Friendly Wedding Today people are very conscious about saving the ecosystem. They want to contribute and play a role in saving the environment. One such magnificent way is going for eco friendly marriage. You might be thinking how to proceed with it, so here are six simple tips for organizing an Eco friendly wedding. Selection of VENUE: Selection of VENUE When it comes to venue, you need to give a skip to traditional hall and banquet and instead choose a garden or a lawn. Beaches top the list of natural venue. Plan out the wedding ceremony during the daytime as it will conserve energy. If your wedding is in late evenings, then avoid the extra decorative lamps as much as possible. Eco- Friendly JEWELRIES: Eco- Friendly JEWELRIES These days a stunning collection of green jewelries are available in the market. You can select from recycled gold, platinum and diamond jewelry. Recycle jewelry doesn’t in anyway mean that they are of inferior quality or less attractive. The thing is that they are made using old or broken jewelry. They look dazzlingly beautiful and can’t be identified as recycled ornaments. Using traditional jewelry is another wonderful option. You can modernize the heritage jewelries to satisfy your taste. Eco Friendly STATIONERY: Eco Friendly STATIONERY The wedding stationery constitutes of invitation cards, thank you cards, save-the-date-cards, matching envelopes, etcetera. Cutting on them is a tough task, so instead go for stationeries made from recycled papers. Use green ink to write the name of the addressee on the invite. Awareness about saving environment can be created by having green plant’s picture on every envelope. Wedding FAVORS: Wedding FAVORS Gifting plants is the best and unique wedding favor. Making your guests plant trees on the venue could be an interesting & amazing idea. Digital SNAPS: Digital SNAPS Give a skip to cameras that use rolls and batteries. Ask your wedding photographer to use digital camera. These cameras have memory card instead of rolls and use rechargeable batteries. Unlike roles where you have to change it after 36 photographs, the memory card of digital camera can store thousands of high resolution photographs. One of the prominent advantage is that it gives you the liberty of selecting the snaps. Moreover, you can instantly share the photographs on your wedding website and social networking sites. This way your friends & relatives will have instant access to your wedding snaps. Selecting PLANTS: Selecting PLANTS If your wedding venue is occupied with green plants then you don’t need to decorate it. If you have chosen lawn then embellish it with potted plants and flowers. You can use pots from your garden. Once the ceremony is over then you can again transfer them back to your garden. If you don’t have much potted plants and flowers in your garden then contact a flower supplier. You can even handover him a list of your favorite flowers. !! Remember ALWAYS !!: !! Remember ALWAYS !! Eco-friendly marriage doesn’t mean that you need to compromise with your wedding preparations. Go on with your dream marriage and make it more stunning with the help of the above tips. !! GET in TOUCH !!: !! GET in TOUCH !! Jaipur Showroom & Correspondence Address Readiprint Arvind Marg M. I. Road Jaipur - 302001 Rajasthan INDIA Email : [email protected] Phone: +91 141 6608006 Visit our Site : http://www.indianweddingcard.in

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