6 Trickiest Questions Film Financiers Ask From Producers

Information about 6 Trickiest Questions Film Financiers Ask From Producers

Published on June 6, 2016

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6 Trickiest Questions Film Financiers Ask from Producers: 6 Trickiest Questions Film Financiers Ask from Producers Slide2: Financing is a basic and often the most feared part in the production process of any film making. It is not easy to attract even the wealthiest of financiers or investors as a number of factors come into play. The sole purpose to attract investors is to get enough funds for the movie production. A number of difficulties arises in getting the required finance as the investors have some critical concerns to get cleared first. Let’s discuss some of the most important and tricky questions you need to answer as a producer to the Film Financiers in Los Angeles . Slide3: What Is In It For Me ? The most basic question any investor would ask regardless of the business or industry you are about to start your project in. You need to clearly explain the benefits the financier would get if he invests in your project. Not necessarily the benefits are monetary, but could be anything like a stake in the film, a fixed return on future projects, hold on exclusive rights, etc. Slide4: How Much Would I Earn ? Here comes the cash part. Be careful in answering as you never know the business your film is going to make and hence, the returns you and film unit are going to get. Future projections help in estimating the profits your film will generate over the course of time, but it is better not to rely on these projections completely. Factors like inflation rates, movie release time in year, competitors into action, etc. decide the outcome of any project in terms of profits. Slide5: How Are You Spending My Money ? Create a professional business plan and add all the relevant information. An investor will most often ask to go through your business plan. It will help him in determining how and where his budget is going to be spent, the allocation of funds, potential areas of profits, etc. Be sure to use industry standard budgets rather than creating your own. Slide6: What Kind Of Film Script You Have ? After the profit correspondences, it is about time when the investor will ask you about the film’s script or what is it about. Use great pitching skills to get your idea across in a way that investors find your project quite different and interesting. Slide7: Is The Film Going To Play In Cinemas ? This is a critical point where you have to be realistic about the scenario of movie playing in theatres. It’s obvious your chances of getting enough distributors are quite thin unless you have done a great deal of marketing and PR with your project. Slide8: Are You Offering Any Perks ? Actual investment is never enough if your investors tend to be a part of the movie production. Some investors want set visits, small acting roles, premier tickets, etc. and other extras that is apart from the financial matters. Be aware that involvements like these are going to cost you lots. However, it should be taken into account that the involvement of film financiers brings you kind of experience that can benefit you overall in your project. Slide9: CONTACT US: Address : 8484 Wilshire Blvd (Suite 750) Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA Call: (415) 488-6883 [email protected] magnificoinc.com Website : www.magnificoinc.com

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