6 Tricks and Tips for Quick Software Testing

Information about 6 Tricks and Tips for Quick Software Testing

Published on November 16, 2018

Author: jessicacyrus

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Slide 2: There are certain bug fixes that occur during testing and are fixed but when they actually hit the market, may pose a huge problem. In order to ensure that the apps work seamlessly in their new versions, so here you have some tips to do it quickly: Introduction Slide 3: Code 1 Slide 4: TDD/ UT/BDD 2 Slide 5: Developer & Tester Involvement 3 QA Team engages to design the framework and architecture as well as implementation methods. So they can find out the major issues even before the coding is laid down. This helps to reduce the development time. Slide 6: Bugs 4 The crashes and usage data are the major bugs! It depends on how many customers are actually affected by the same at a given point of time along with the severity of the issue. If the bug does not lead to crashing of the app, the data usage can then be verified to determine if it’s a recurrent issue on a particular page of the customer that is most used. The priority is set high for those pages which is most accessed by the customers as compared to the ones which are least accessed in an app. Slide 7: Development 5 The developers are hence required to develop their testing and coding skills, software designing and development is another key requisite to ensure that the apps continue to grow and keep up with the performance levels. Slide 8: Manual Testing 6 The QA team of experts are required to utilise their skills in order to figure out the defects of an app or its newer version via manual testing. It is not possible to define the usage of a mobile app by an individual! It is the QA testers who actually focus on the usage and pathway that more suits the customers and users of the apps. They also determine some of the common scenarios that might come up while using the app. Slide 9: Conclusion The usage of an application varies across individuals. Hence an app should not be released without Automation Testing Services . It is the user flow as well as customer rewards that matter the most, when apps need to reach out to the maximum customers .

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