7 Wonderful Web Designing Tips for small Business

Information about 7 Wonderful Web Designing Tips for small Business

Published on July 7, 2014

Author: chennaiwebs

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7 Wonderful Web Designing Tips for small Business : 7 Wonderful Web Designing Tips for small Business Strong and Clear Brand Image: Strong and Clear Brand Image Your website must have the perfect brand image that you want your audience to see. As you know you can control the logo or your key message anywhere on the web page, placing it on the right place is the most important factor. Generally placed on the left top corner of the page. Concise and Clean Navigation: Concise and Clean Navigation A good design must make the user to make the most around the screen of the site. It should clearly differentiate every element and help good navigation. Even the color, size, contrast can help good focus. Main thing is to keep the page uncluttered with drop down or pop-ups. Easy to Use: Easy to Use Make sure to have visible clearly visible navigation menus. Have a good load speed. Interlinking is also very essential to have a good navigation. Stick to functionalities that can catch the eyes of audience. Keep it Consistent: Keep it Consistent When user visits your site they must know where they are exactly within your site. Make use of breadcrumbs that can serve as a path to the user. Have some consistency and professional images that can match your content. Focus on typos and sizes of the headers. Make it Easy to Understand: Make it Easy to Understand Visitor don’t feel interested on searching continuously unless they see what they want. Some of the design techniques that can make easy navigation for visitors are correct sized fonts, color and contrast, proper white spacing. Make sure to limit the typefaces and font sizes. Keep your Target Audience in Mind: Keep your Target Audience in Mind Content is another most essential part of any website. Attracting the target audience with the tempting words or using terms that can help to optimize for search engines too. You will also need to be consistent in using words that is exactly related to your niche. Consider Usability: Consider Usability Having a good website without any purpose it waste. It must be usable for visitors. End user’s experience is very essential. It is a good idea to make user feel easy to find what they wanted. Like shopping cart, or quotation, or booking appointment, etc. Thank You: Thank You Hope you would have enjoyed reading this presentation. We are the Chennai Webs, a web design company in C hennai offering internet marketing services for small business and startups.

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