8 ways to get a cosy living room

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Published on July 23, 2014

Author: mariocomando

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PowerPoint Presentation: 8 Ways To Get A Cozy Living Room www.Yuge.ca PowerPoint Presentation: Use Color Your living room will feel homely and warm if you are consistent with color choices. This sofa matches the feature wall perfectly with the use of earthy tones. PowerPoint Presentation: Create A Reading Nook Nothing says cozy like curling up with a good book. Team an antique-style shelving unit with a similar colored lounge and rug to create unity . PowerPoint Presentation: Cushions are the perfect union of comfort and style. Pick your favorite fabric in a range of patterns and textures to make the living room the most stylish of the house. Add Comfort With Cushions PowerPoint Presentation: Add A Throw Or Two Throw rugs are a versatile way to bring the comfy vibe to any room. Try a woolen or knitted style for extra warmth. PowerPoint Presentation: Embrace Natural Materials Create an antique feel with timber floors and wooden furnishings. You’ll feel as if you’re away at a cozy country retreat. PowerPoint Presentation: Create Mood Lightning Cosines comes from ambience. Produce an inviting atmosphere with a lamp or ceiling shade as a focal point, or invest in dimmable lights to create your own mood. PowerPoint Presentation: Chose A Hero Piece Cozy doesn’t have to mean messy. Achieve an organic and simple living space with minimalistic furnishings and one main centre piece, such as a daybed or sofa in a neutral tone. PowerPoint Presentation: Use Texture And Pattern Make your living room your sanctuary with a distinctive rug or ottoman. These pieces come in a range of textures and patterns and will speak to your individual tastes so your room is your own.

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