Global Warming

Information about Global Warming

Published on February 26, 2010

Author: rasardea



Global Warming: : Global Warming: What is global warming? How does global warming affects us? Alternative energy. What is global warming? : What is global warming? Global Warming is also associated with human activities. : Global Warming is also associated with human activities. Burning of fossil fuel Burning of coal Deforestation Greenhouse Effect : Greenhouse Effect CO2 emission globally. : CO2 emission globally. How does global warming affects us? : How does global warming affects us? Slide 8: What are the solution to reduce the threat of global warming? Alternative Energy. : Alternative Energy. Ethanol Solar panel Wind turbine Make a Difference!!! : Make a Difference!!! Write your concern to your local representative: The U.S senate and the House of Representative: (202) 224-3121 The White House: (202) 456-1414 and (202) 456-1111 For more information visit: Work Cited: : Work Cited: California Energy Commission (2006). Energy Story. Retrieved April 18, 2008 from Skool, J. (Producer) & Guggenheim, D. (Director and Producer). (2005). An Inconvenient Truth (Motion picture). United States: Paramount Pictures. Bardes, B., Shelley, M., & Schmidt, S. (2008). American Government and Politics Today: The Essentials. Belmont, CA : Clark Baxter. Petersen, L. & Gerber, B. for Tree Media Group & DiCaprio, L (Producer) The 11th Hour. (Motion Picture). Unoted States: Warner Independent Pictures. Hansen, J. (2006) The New York Review of Books. New Haven, Connecticut: Yale Center for Study of Globalization. Wolverton, M. (2007). The Wolvertoon. Retrieved April 20, 2008 from www.

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