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Published on July 28, 2010

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Slide 1: 1 CLOUD COMPUTING BY JINY PAUL ANITHA R SUMATHI RAMESH ANSHA MAMMEN Slide 2: CLOUD COMPUTING OVERVIEW What is Cloud Computing??? : What is Cloud Computing??? Cloud Computing is the evolution and convergence of many seemingly independent computing trends: Utility Computing Commoditization SaaS,Paas,Iaas,XaaS Distributed computing Internet Delivery Web 2.0 Virtualization IT Outsourcing Grid Computing SOA Storage Data Center Automation DEFINITION : DEFINITION Slide 5: Telecommunication companies began offering Virtual Private Network (VPN) services at a much lower cost HISTORY Slide 6: EVOLUTION OF CLOUD COMPUTING Phase 1: Monolithic (Early). Phase 2: Vertical Supply Chain (2+ Years). Phase 3: Horizontal Federation (4+ Years). Slide 9: Cloud Computing means a website is hosted on the clustered servers on which the online operations are not made to contemplate to a single server. It refers to utilization of many servers housed in many different locations and interconnected by high speed networks. SEGMENTS CONCEPTS Slide 11: ARCHITECTURE Slide 12: SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE (SOA) AND CLOUD COMPUTING(CC) SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE (SOA) AND CLOUD COMPUTING : SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE (SOA) AND CLOUD COMPUTING Slide 14: Cloudware is an architecture intended to provide an open framework allowing the development of a cloud computing environment that's rigorous enough to take on any web or enterprise application. CLOUDWARE ARCHITECTURE LAYERS : LAYERS Slide 16: PLATFORM APPLICATION CLIENT INFRASTRUCTURE A cloud client consists of computer hardware and/or computer software that relies on cloud computing for application delivery A cloud application such as software as a service purchases the cloud in software architecture often eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customers own computer A Cloud platform such as platform as a service the delivery of a computing platform and for solution stack as a service facilitates the deployment of application. A Cloud infrastructure such as infrastructure as a service is the delivery of computer infrastructure typically a platform virtualization environment as a service. SERVERS The servers layer consists of computer hardware and/or computer software products that are specifically designed for the delivery of cloud services LAYERS :  CLOUD PLATFORM :  THREE KINDS OF CLOUD SERVICES CLOUD PLATFORM A GENERAL MODEL FOR APPLICATION PLATFORMS : A GENERAL MODEL FOR APPLICATION PLATFORMS FROM ON-PREMISES PLATFORMS TO CLOUD PLATFORMS : FROM ON-PREMISES PLATFORMS TO CLOUD PLATFORMS Slide 21:  CLOUD PLATFORM Slide 23: FUTURE APPLICATION : Cloud Computing is the Future of Mobile – Mobile Cloud Computing Business-Oriented Collaboration Data sharing Multitasking Scheduling Consumer-Oriented Mobile Gmail Google Maps Navigation apps TOP PROVIDERS OF CLOUD COMPUTING : TOP PROVIDERS OF CLOUD COMPUTING Slide 27: DEPLOYMENT MODELS Slide 29: CLOUD COMPUTING SERVICES Slide 31: CLOUD SOLUTIONS Slide 32: IMPLEMENTATION CHALLENGES Slide 33: Secure Storage & Management Location -Independant Scalability & Sustainability 24/7 Support Low total cost ownership Virtualized & Dynamic High Level Computing Pay-as –you-use Utility – based, Time- sharing models Agile Deployment CLOUD COMPUTING BENEFITS Slide 34: SECURITY Slide 36:  Slide 37: Cloud computing is still struggling in its infancy, with positive and negative comments IT technicians are spearheading the challenge, while academia is bit slower to react Several groups have recently been formed, such as the Cloud Security Alliance or the Open Cloud Consortium Its security deficiencies and benefits need to be carefully weighed before making a decision to implement it CONCLUSION Slide 38: THANK YOU

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