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1. # THE 99 PROJECT © 2015-2020, All rights reserved. A CREATIVE AND COLLABORATIVE APPROACH TO ENERGIZE AND MOBILIZE TEAMS A 99 PROJECT’s proposition www.the99project.net

2. #THE 99 PROJECT © 2015-2020, All rights reserved. HOW TO COME OUT OF THE LOCKDOWN STRONGER ? The lockdown, a shock for the company : The lockdown has revealed weaknesses and strengths : fall of income, demand evolution, supply chain vulnerability, altered work organization, accelerated digitalization... A simple «back to normal» is not really possible. The lockdown period and its consequences are a unique occasion for companies to rethink their business models and organizations, in order to come out stronger of the crisis. It seems to us adapted, insightful and highly motivational to engage teams in learning from their experience and envisioning a successful future. Let’s duly record this exceptional situation by offering teams an exceptional experience ! THE 99 PROJECT offers a creative, innovative and collaborative approach in order to listen to, energize and mobilize teams -The process leverages the driving force of a collective narrative and the identification power of theater -The process aims at creating and performing a short play that expresses the crisis learnings, the updated vision of the company’s strategy and celebrates reunion on stage -It involves the entire team, alternates collaborative creative workshops with analysis moments Our promise : 2 days to imagine a new collective tale and look to the future -Re-energize teams -Re-align strategy in light of the lockdown's learnings -Re-mobilize the organization on its mission

3. # THE 99 PROJECT © 2015-2020, All rights reserved. AN INNOVATIVE CREATIVE PROCESS BASED ON COLLABORATIVE WORK LISTEN Place humans in the center ANALYZE Collective intelligence work COMPOSE Re-put into perspective CELEBRATE Look together to the future Open and active listening and experience sharing space, with crossed interviews of employees by employees. Highlight individual stories with a re- writing of the interviews for stage (short monologues) Examine COVID-19 learnings and their impact on the company’s strategy and organization. Re-align the company’s vision with its organization in light of those lessons. Articulate individual experiences and the company’s updated strategy in the form of a short and meaningful theater play. Celebrate reunion on stage and mobilize teams on the company’s updated mission and the embodiment of their new roles.

4. # THE 99 PROJECT © 2015-2020, All rights reserved. BENEFITS OF THE 99 PROJECT • Share an experience in an active listening atmosphere • Facilitate effective consultation and participation • Learn useful lessons from everyone’s experience • Build a vision of what’s possible and wanted • Offer a unique moment or shared joy • Consider new roles • Mobilize teams for a fresh start • Convey a sense of identity and common culture • Promote a positive image of the company • Provide gratifying contents (video, photo, etc.) for internal and external communication.

5. # THE 99 PROJECT © 2015-2020, All rights reserved. Sarah Bussy Born in 1984 in Paris Graduated from HEC and School of Dramatic Arts Author, director, trainer in oral communication and creativity Divides her time between theater, writing and consulting missions in companies Lived in Shanghai from 2016 to 2020 Co-directed 99 LIVE SHANGHAI in 2017 Published her first novel “En théorie tout va bien” in 2019 Geneviève Flaven Born in Paris in 1969 Education in Economics (ESSEC) and Econometrics (EHESS) Founds Style-Vision, a design consulting agency in 2001 Moves to Shanghai in 2010 to develop her activity Delivers more than 350 innovation projects for worldwide groups in Europe and Asia, from Toyota to Zara. Back in Europe in 2019 Launches THE 99 PROJECT in 2015 in Shanghai with the play 99 WOMEN. Since 2015, designs and drives collaborative theater projects around the world A CREATIVE AND PRAGMATIC TEAM Hybrid profiles combining culture & management Barbara Perraud Born in 1967 in Paris Graduated in economics from ESSEC and yoga teaching (Natha Yoga) Began her career in French- speaking publishing in Morocco (Casablanca) Managed and programmed various theaters and festivals (Théâtre de Chaillot, Théâtre de l’Opprimé, Théâtre Liberté) Supports theater & writing projects (design, production, production) Catherine Jolibert Doctor in Environmental Sciences, based in Barcelona, Paris, Leipzig Executive Coach, member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Member of the female team at the French Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing Screenwriter, co-director, and actress of the documentary “The Finger of God, beyond the summits” with Michel Serres(2017) ledoigtdedieu.fr

6. # THE 99 PROJECT © 2015-2020, All rights reserved. • An innovative theater play by Genevieve Flaven : 99 short monologues revealing unique moments of women lives • 99 actresses on stage • An ambitious theater project combining theater, dance, musique and photography • A massively collaborative work carried out by 130 persons: 99 actresses et dancers, 30 members in the support staff (team facilitators, communication, etc.) AT THE ORIGIN OF THE 99 PROJECT The 99 Women play in Shanghai in 2015

7. #THE 99 PROJECT © 2015-2020, All rights reserved. SHANGHAI 2015 INDIA 2016 NICE 2018 SHANGHAI 2017NYC 2018 TUNISIA 2019 GRASSE 2019 LYON 2020 ESSEC 2020 A CONCEPT THAT HAS PROVEN ITS WORTH Our productions 2015 - 2020 Since 2015, THE 99 PROJECT has been successfully held in China, India, Franc, the USA and the Middle-East, partnering with various local organizations : associations, professional networks, firms, with a variable number of participants (25 to 400 persons), short formats (2 days), medium ones (3 to 6 months) or long ones (12-18 months) and diversified issues (women, governance, professional practices, etc..)

8. # THE 99 PROJECT © 2015-2020, All rights reserved. ENTER THE 99 PROJECT’S DYNAMICS Contact us for more information and to receive a detailed program Geneviève FLAVEN, +33(0)784298746, [email protected] www.the99project.net

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