A Look At Basic PRE Wedding Rituals of Bengali Marriage

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Published on July 14, 2014

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A look at basic pre wedding rituals of Bengali marriage : A look at basic pre wedding rituals of Bengali marriage India has many religions and customs. All the religions have their unique way of celebrating occasions like festivals and marriage. This diversity adds a wonderful blend of traditions and colors to our country. One of the greatest incorporation of rituals can also be seen in Bengali wedding. Wedding ceremonies of Bengali marriage : Wedding ceremonies of Bengali marriage Adan Pradan: Adan Pradan “Give and take” is the meaning of adan pradan . After the couple’s approval for each other, their families match their horoscopes through priest. This ritual is performed when priest confirms of no hurdles and both the families exchange gifts. Ashirbaad: Ashirbaad Bride and groom’s parents show their approval by this ritual. The groom’s family bestows their blessings on the bride by visiting their house and sprinkle leaves of trefoil and husked rice on bride. They also gift gold ornaments to her. Same process is done by bride’s family. Vridhi Puja: Vridhi Puja It is performed a day before the marriage in the memory of the ancestors of the bride and groom. Attractive Rangoli is made and God Narayan is worshipped. Parental uncle performs this puja . According to the traditions, bride/groom and their parental uncle can have only liquid diet during this puja . Aai Budo Bhaat: Aai Budo Bhaat It is the bride’s last night at her parent’s house before marriage and it is enjoyed by having last dinner with her parents. A function is arranged on this night in which friends and family take pleasure in singing and dancing for her. Gae Halud Tattva: Gae Halud Tattva In this ritual, the bride is presented with many gifts from her in-laws. The gift called, Gae Halud Tattva consists of six sarees , cosmetics, sweets, paan , curd, husked rice, fish, etc. Many other customarily things are gifted to her. Dodhi Mongoi: Dodhi Mongoi This ritual is performed on the morning of the wedding day; this ritual is conducted in bride as well as groom’s house separately. Some married women take them to the nearby pond to get the blessings from Goddess Ganga. Some water from that pond is brought to the home. Holud Kota and Snan Ritual: Holud Kota and Snan Ritual This ritual is same as the turmeric ceremony in North India. Five or seven married women apply the turmeric glop and oil to groom’s and bride’s body in their respective houses. After a bath, they have to wear new clothes. Sanjkha Porana: Sanjkha Porana In this ceremony, conch shell bangles called Shakha (white colored bangles) and Paula(red colored bangles) is put in the hand of the bride by seven married women. After wearing the bangles of white and red color alternatively, she starts to get ready for the marriage. Bride getting dressed : Bride getting dressed In the conventional Bengali wedding, dressing up the bride is a ceremony in itself. The bride is embellished with a crown and jewelries. Mandap: Mandap It is prepared by planting two banana trees along with a big Alpana , made with rice paste. The mandap is beautifully decorated with unsullied fresh flowers.These are prominent pre wedding rituals in a Bengali wedding, knowing them will certainly make you at ease if you have got a Bengali wedding invitation card. GET IN TOUCH: GET IN TOUCH Readiprint International Narsingh complex, Near Rajmandir Cinema M.I. Road, Jaipur 302001 India Phone: Mobile ( Anuroodh ) : +91 98281 11103 Phone :+91 141 6608006, +91 141 6608005, +91 141 6608090 Email: [email protected] Visit our Shop: http://www.indianweddingcard.com

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