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Published on December 16, 2009

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Slide 1: That day came in a palace gardener's family to meet the work entrusted to the Rey. Mr fielder had two boys and a girl of 5 years, the eldest of his sons was a young man, the second of 13.Upon arrival of the huge palaces were amazed and how nice it was.That family was poor and worked just to eat, then the young man said Father someday I'll have my palace and I will be king. ONE LOVE IN SPRING Put onheadphones Slide 2: wWw.ReYs.eS.Tl The father replied: Son, this can not be because the just have to eat. The son answered: No parent will be difficult but never impossible, because I want you not lacking anything and with the help of God I am going to achieve. Then the gardener went to work in the huge garden that had the palace. And then inside the palace to the king, accompanied by his family. Had a daughter and very beautiful.The Miss King brought all his people because he was going to celebrate the birthday of their daughter Miss. Then the king said, Come All to celebrate another year of life of my beautiful and only daughter, and no one works today rather celebrate. Slide 3: Hearing this, the gardener and his family were invited. Then the unexpected happened there, the Young Gardener was impressed with the beauty of the princess and told his younger brother who was next:Vees that princess. For it is the purest rose I've ever known. his father being on the listening side and said her son will never do for you because you're just a gardener and she a princess and please do not delude fences because you're going to hurt.The sad and heartbroken young said parents are right I am poor and she is rich my world is different to hers.Already spending several days the princess went for a walk in the garden and as it was spring time, the roses, the flowers were bright and looked a very beautiful landscape. Slide 4: The princess asked one of the workers:Who is the gardener in charge? The worker replied: In charge of Mr. Albert and his family.Then the princess was curious, went to see who was and accidentally saw that Young Gardener and she thought out loud and said:I've never seen this young, but she was born into a very beautiful thing. As the princess was a little proud was of great importance and began to look elsewhere. That was where the young man realized that she was near, his eyes fixed on her, the princess noticed it and also put his eye on, was there where love was born of two different worlds. Slide 5: At the moment the princess came over and said:Hey look young because I perhaps did not know that I am the princess.Then the couple moved replied:Of all the pretty things I know, you're the most beautiful and beautiful I have ever known.The princess startled, then put an attitude of annoyance and said:You have no right to speak such words to the princess.Then the princess and into retirement but she said that is the most beautiful thing he had heard.Mr. Albert realized what happened and told his son:Reys son please take into account the words that I said, that she will never be for you. Also if the King finds out we vacate our only job where you eat and your siblings.The youth replied: You're right, I forget Father of Princess Slide 6: The next day the princess was in the palace outside and saw the young gardener, she approached and said: Hey girl you owe me an apology and I demand that you do.The young sad and resigned replied Princess I apologize for being a fool for not knowing how to control my feelings and my heart, I swear to never happen again.The princess noticed and watched the eyes of sadness of this young man and said:Hey girl tell me your name?The young man replied: My name is Reys.The princess said, let me tell you that I had never heard the most beautiful words in my life.The young man raised his eyes and moved said:What about you?She replied: Yes Slide 7: The boy wonder: Princess every time I see you my heart cent quicker and I can not control, plus all day just thinking of you, of your gentleness and your beauty.Princess I love you with all my strength. I wonder if you feel the same.The princess replied: I feel the same, I had never met a man who tells me such beautiful things like you and me say a very sincere and pure love.It was there that the young man realized he was not the only one who was in love but the princess.The boy said, Princesa do you accept to be my girlfriend?She replied: If I accept my young prince.The young man said: This is like a dream, never to wake because I want you by my side until the end of this world. Slide 8: Since then, the princess and the boy were together, but secretly.The princess said: please Reys have to be careful because if my father finds out he could happen to something and I do not want anything bad to happen to you.The young man replied: Princess for your love I give my life and your father must understand also the wants and needs you let yourself be happy.The princess replied: No! He will not understand. Slide 9: It's been several days and were the happiest days of their lives.The young man quoted and the princess was looking for a pretext to be with the Younger. Where the young man said:If you laugh I laugh if you cry I cry, if you suffer me too and if you die I will die with you and whatever happens I will always be with you Slide 10: Since then the King began to realize because the princess was. And the king called one soldiers had given him more power over others, without realizing he was Evil. And he said the princess watches where it goes and what it does. Then he began to search and not found in the palace or the garden. But the princess was upstream where there were many plants, it was like a forest. There was the love nest of the Young and the princess. wWw.ReYs.eS.Tl Slide 11: At first the guard did not know where the princess was, until one day his departure was attentive and saw where he was going. Until we get to see them together, but they did not realize. The boy's father also had noticed that her son disappeared.Since then the young man went to his father and his father asked:These neglected child will work, that's wrong.The young man replied: Forgive me Father I had not noticed.His father continued: Son your mother is worried about you because you vees a little different, by these thoughtful and joyful moments. Do not look normal. Slide 12: This good father because I'm going AD do not want my mother to worry,Father I'm in love, this never happened, you know, and is the most pure and sweet girl I met.Then his father asked:Who is she?He replied: She's the princess and my girlfriend. Slide 13: His father replied:NO! What have you done son, you know the consequences that can come, you're a bad son is that you do not you worry about your mother and your brothers, son you better fences because you do not want something bad happens before King hears .The King to learn from his trusted soldier said:I've been working, trust your family including you and me and rob me hija.Pues pay you and yours no longer works here. Also you going to pay dearly for what you did. Slide 14: The young man replied: My Great King I beg not take my family.The King replied: I will not miss your family if you are going to pay for missing the king for meddling with the princess my only daughter.The young man replied: My Great King let me tell you that you have a great daughter who does not give you the love that she wanted both of you, but despite that she adores. His daughter has a big heart for others it is the most beautiful thing happened to me, I love the princess.The foolish king said lock them up.Then the boy's father said:NOT my great King, please let my son and take me to me.The young man answered: "Father do not worry, I'm responsible and I take what I have done. Slide 15: Then the girl spoke out loud and said:Listen All, It's okay to pay a penalty for having fallen in love with women more noble and more beautiful than I did conocido.Diganme than bad, to have this great love.If needed I give my life for her.The King said: You are brave but you have to pay.Where the princess was then raised his voice and said: Not my great King not hurt you, because if you do I would do harm to me, I had never seen a young man like him because he taught me to know many wonderful things life and I love her with all my strength I beg you please not hurt you.The King heard her daughter crying and begging to get her heart and said: Okay I will not hurt princess But yes, it does not become closer to you. Slide 16: The evil men had found them, always wanted to be king, her plan was to assassinate the King to seize the throne and then had his people.Until one day the princess found herself alone in the woods, then the villain went to her and then abducted her.Then the king not to see see the princess back began to worry, and command to call the wicked soldier but the strange thing was that he was not.After an arrest warrant command the young man.The youth learned became concerned and said.My great King I'll get to the princess, if anything bad happens she could not live without it.Young then went in search of the princess. Slide 17: Went downstream and found nothing, then went upstream and found something was a piece of clothing she was wearing the princess. Then there were footsteps and began to follow them until she found a strange average house and approached carefully, he began hearing voices, he realized that there were several men talking about the plan to assassinate the King.Hence heard in the back the voice of the princess and the boy was screaming to the rescue. The evil guard was about to abuse it.Then the young man said to the Princess: Princess I'm going to recover, because I have to hunt you whatever you do come out unharmed. Slide 18: Being the evil around the young man said with great Rabies: Damn traitor has betrayed the trust of the King and now you will receive your well deserved for mistreating the princess.Then they began to fight the young but was victorious in this struggle because I leave half dead, the wicked and from that came the other evil, and fought the fight young but they already knew too. It was there came the King and his soldiers fought against the wicked and so help the young.There was a king behind the evil about to stick a sword, but the young man realized and saved him.Until the battle was won, and the princess was rescued unharmed Slide 19: The King told the Young: You're a big boy, strong and brave as you declare prince hour and then you'll be king.But then the evil did not die was thrown behind the princess rose and a dagger about to be nailed to the back of the princess, realizing Young pushed the princess and falling on his chest near the heart, the same THE EVIL time was killed by the young.But the couple after being hit lies on the ground.The princess said: NOO! My Prince Resist You have to live because we love you and I can not live apart because you and I are one.The princess weeping said: please resist, do not die! Slide 20: The dying young said: My princess so pretty do not worry because I have met the greatest love the world and I am happy, that love was unrequited love that gave me life and strength to continue fighting. Well I did and now if I can go quietly and peacefully. Please stop crying, it's time, my heavenly father waiting for me.The princess said: I beg you no fences! Do not leave me alone.The boy said, I leave you alone JAMAS TE my spirit, my soul and my heart always be with you until the last day of your life Slide 21: But the princess was in tears talking about: You remember you told me that if I also laughed your laugh and if I die you would die. Well, now I want you alive and if you die I shall die with you.The Young and saying the last words said, "My Princess always and forever I love you even if I have gone to another world, you have to live because you're going to give a child, because I want to grow and you do not tell who was his father that is proud of me. and when you die many years. But now you have to live and fulfill my words.I love you princess and do not worry I'll be by your side 100pre.After saying those last words the young man died. And the princess screamed, he ran out of the soul from losing his great love, yet he remembered the words he had said the young gardener. Slide 22: But not only she would cry if not all who were around him, including King.And the king said, I have lost a great son and I will never forget, so his parents coming to the place they saw their son died.And began to mourn over losing his great son brave and strong.They cried and they said because my son had to die, not because my son is not my God, I've taken my great son. After resigned and said: Is my God your will be done if you've wanted and what it is. Understood because they were Christian principles. Slide 23: They gave a great tribute, being an example to all who heard his story.A boy and his family's neck and was lacking anything for the King family.As was said the youth, because the princess had a young son and she told him who was his father, but the princess every time he thought he was very sad. Slide 24: but seeing his son, gave him several forces and joy. End Slide 27: Escrito: Edgar Reyes H. WWW.REYS.ES.TL Perú

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