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Published on March 12, 2020

Author: AliceGrant10

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1. A Trip to Egypt with a Travel Photographer 02 Mar 2020 STRIM S-LOG Byeongmu Kang — Travel Photographer & Creator

2. “Egypt has splendid scenery & even more splendid people.” #photographer #traveler #wanderer #creator

3. Karnak Temple

4. I LIVE A LIFE OF TRAVEL. Wealth has nothing to do with a life of travel. I said good byes to 3 companies - just to travel. My Brief Trip List 4 Around The World Trips Bicycle trip to Africa Scooter trip to Europe Backpack trip to all over the places. Currently, I'm a creator & travel photographer.

5. I went to Egypt last January. I didn’t understand Egypt well, neither did I have much interest in it. Egypt was a place I know vaguely. The trip lasts 8 days, including flights. Temple of Edfu

6. Incheon-Dubai-Cairo I took the Emirates flight A380 from Incheon Airport to Cairo, with a transit in Dubai. 10 hours to Dubai, another 4 hours to Cairo. I was amazed that this big plane was all occupied with people heading to Dubai.

7. The A380 is wide as expected. The model is a bit old - classic plane we all know. But Emirates is on the list for one of airlines with the most seat space in economy class. I also love the lighting varies as we flew, and the window shade has done superb job on covering cold. I can even use WiFi for free. It was my first time experiencing this luxury. It’s only 20MB for 2 hours, but it’s still enough for texting. I used it for instagram DM.

8. If there is one thing I didn’t like, it would be the food. But this is common. I have travelled a lot and never really satisfied with the food, so don’t take my word for it.

9. I had around 3-4 hours during the transit. Duty-free at Dubai airport is worth of a visit. It’s well known that Cartier and high quality leather products are much affordable.

10. What I get In Egypt, there are a lot of sand blown and the sun☀️ is very intense too. You have to use a scarf to filter dust coming into your respiratory airway. Plus, you can avoid intense sunlight. The locals are very interested and happy to see foreign travelers wearing a scarf.

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