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Published on August 6, 2014

Author: adcdemoz



ADC Demos: ADC Demos Australian Demonstration Company ADC: Australian Demonstration Company: ADC: Australian Demonstration Company At ADC our goal is to create an exciting and educating experience for your prospects helping to convert them into customers. We specialise in creating promotions and shopping centre demonstrations that help engage the heart and minds of customers motivating them to take the desired action. Product Demonstration - A powerful marketing tool: Product Demonstration - A powerful marketing tool With growing competition customers have wider options to choose from making it relatively difficult for businesses to convince their prospects converting them into actual customers. Product demonstrations help in conveying the features and benefits of a product to the customer. Visual demonstration of a product helps engage the prospect much more effectively as compared to simply using fancy words. Merchandising Companies: Simplifying the task : Merchandising Companies: Simplifying the task Standing in front of your prospective clients and talking about your product, highlighting its selling points and benefits for buyers convincing them to purchase it not an easy task. Here is where merchandising companies come into play. At ADC, our staffs are briefed about the unique features and benefits of your products beforehand and they use intelligent sales and smart presentation skills to promote your products. Shopping Centre Promotions: Shopping Centre Promotions If you are looking to increase foot traffic and time spent at your store, shopping centre promotions are a great way. Intelligent shopping centre promotions make sure that you draw prospects to your business, convert them and also keep them coming back . At ADC we can help you plan effective shopping centre promotions or mall advertising helping you attract potential customers. Our professional staffs have complete knowledge about the locality and guide customers to your store once they are in a buying mood. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You

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