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Published on June 13, 2016

Author: Aquafadas



1. How can a sales app help your business? [email protected]

2. *2014, Adobe! ! 82% of companies state that mobile content that staff can utilise in the field was an important aspect of increasing sales*

3. *Accenture! ! 76% of CSOs believe that mobile CRM improves sales team performance… …but less than 50% businesses currently provide mobile access to sales information*

4. *Aberdeen ! ! Companies that provide mobile sales access to marketing content achieve 29% better lead conversion rates vs. those not doing so

5. Why a sale app?

6. Physical ‘offices’ aren’t main workplaces anymore 61% of employees report working outside of the office at least part of the time

7. ✓ Mobile apps allow reaching your teams where they are – on all devices and platforms

8. Content is key when it comes to internal education and engagement

9. ✓ Interactivity is appealing. Mobile apps help cutting through to ‘always on the go’ sales reps

10. Employees choose where and how they work: offline or online, device type

11. ✓ Mobile content makes it easy for them increasing productivity at the same time

12. Internal comms have evolved in pursuit of remote workforce

13. ✓ Mobile file sharing is fast, easy and allows to optimise time

14. Security risk in digital first business are real

15. Password protected mobile tools provide a quick answer: allow access for eligible users only and disable it for those who leave the company

16. Ability to measure results is key to effectiveness

17. In app analytics and push notifications enable tracking behavior and making relevant changes

18. 5 reasons why a sales app Secure Cross platform Interactive Analytics Search tool

19. Are you ready to go mobile? Contact us [email protected]

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