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Published on October 6, 2008

Author: tylershea



Slide 1: ADJECTIVES Add some “WOW” to your sentences! Slide 2: What is the adjective’s job? To modify a noun or pronoun modify means to change in some way—in this case, to make more descriptive Slide 3: FORM Adjectives are invariable: do not change form depending on gender or number of the noun A hot potato Some hot potatoes To emphasize or strengthen the meaning of an adjective use “very” or “really” A very hot potato Some really hot potatoes Slide 4: FORM Position of adjectives: usually in front of a noun A fat cat after verbs like “to be”, “to seem”, “to look”, “to taste” The cat is fat. You look tired. Slide 5: FUNCTION Adjectives tell us more about a noun. Describe feelings or qualities: He is a lonely man. They are honest people. Give nationality or origin: Pierre is French. This clock is German. We live in the Victorian house. Slide 6: Tell more about a thing’s characteristics: A wooden table. The knife is sharp. Tell us about age: He’s an old man. The country was young. Tell us about size and measurement: Janet is a tall woman and Dave is a short man. This is a very long movie. Slide 7: Tell us about color: Angela wore a red dress. The rose was a pale pink. Tell us about shape: A round button or A rectangular box Express a judgment or a value: A boring show Grammar is fun! Slide 8: Bottom Line. . . Adjectives answer these questions about the noun: WHAT KIND of a noun is it? WHICH noun is it? HOW MANY of that noun are there? Slide 9: Special adjectives. . . Articles tell us “which one” There are only three articles. a, an, the The woman pushed a cart full of groceries and an excited boy while walking a dog. Slide 10: Adjectives or Pronouns? Some words can be used as adjectives or pronouns. They are pronouns when they stand alone (replacing the noun). Which did you buy? She likes those. They are adjectives when they modify a noun or pronoun. Which book did you buy? She likes those shoes. Slide 11: Adjective or Noun? Sometimes we use a noun to describe another noun. The “noun as adjective” always comes first. a race horse is a horse that runs in races a horse race is a race for horses a boat race is a race for boats a love story is a story about love a war story is a story about war Slide 12: Some practice. . . The two dark cats were walking on the fence. The—modifies the noun cats and is an article Two—modifies the noun cats and answers the question HOW MANY Dark—modifies the noun cats and answers the question WHAT KIND The—modifies the noun fence and is an article Slide 13: Some more practice. . . The chocolate one is his last cookie. The—modifies the pronoun one and is an article Chocolate—modifies the pronoun one and answers the question WHAT KIND His—a possessive pronoun that modifies the noun cookie and answers the question WHICH ONE Last—modifies the noun cookie and answers the question WHICH ONE

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