Adobe Photoshop

Information about Adobe Photoshop

Published on September 11, 2007

Author: sratkinson66



Slide1:  Adobe Photoshop vs. Flash:  Adobe Photoshop vs. Flash Compare and Contrast Introduction:  Introduction What do these software have in common? What is a graphic software? What is not a graphic software? Two main categories of graphic software The merged of Adobe and Macromedia Flash What is graphic software?:  What is graphic software? Create Edit Manage 3D Computer graphics Photoshop Illustrator Paint Shop Pro CorelDRAW Microsoft Paint What is not graphic software?:  What is not graphic software? Page layout software Web publishing software Presentation software Home publishing or creative printing software Two Main Categories:  Two Main Categories Pixel-based image editors Vector-based image editors Adobe Flash:  Adobe Flash Flash Adobe Photo Shop Merge between Adobe and Macromedia Adobe Flash Slide8: 

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