Advantage and Disadvantage of Synthetic Diamonds

Information about Advantage and Disadvantage of Synthetic Diamonds

Published on August 9, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Advantage and Disadvantage of Synthetic Diamonds PowerPoint Presentation: Without a doubt the most expensive and sought after jewelry, besides the gold executed are those that contain queen jewels: diamond. But here we must not forget the high prices limiting purchasing power as such and horizontal development of the market of jewelry . So as an alternative had to defend and defend the artificial diamond industry. Without thinking immediately mention dubious business, it is considered legal since it sells as artificial diamond, and manufacturers will not replace real diamonds, these stones. Stones who are also diamond, if you know a production method. PowerPoint Presentation: Synthetic diamonds are diamonds so called growth are produced in laboratories in pressure and temperature conditions similar to the environment in which natural diamonds are formed. Attempts to produce artificial diamonds were even made by alchemists times long past, but some successes have emerged only in the nineteenth century that nowadays only be possible to achieve total. For today only reached a technological level that allows some high-pressure rooms, and temperatures over three thousand degrees Celsius, which is an indispensable diamond formation. PowerPoint Presentation: 2. Besides a wealth of technical and technological fields, synthetic diamond industry and ensure a good chance jewelry creator, this type of stone being used in the execution of necklaces, engagement rings, to bracelets, They will not replace the natural diamond, but by specific means creating a new way of making jewelry. And beyond that is artificial diamond are equally spectacular, well executed, and bring a new side of the field. 3. Jewelry using synthetic diamonds contains a wide range of uses such as rings, pendants, earrings. Of course other methods using synthetic diamonds are binding strengths PowerPoint Presentation: in jewelry as engagement rings , wedding rings, pendants, and even bracelets. By way of grinding simple and handy technology, synthetic diamonds can be a great alternative to fine jewelry and quality, but which allow cost more "human". It's a new way to create models finesse, using simple technology . 4. Use artificial diamonds have some drawbacks, which can still be balanced. Maybe these are already considered artificial diamond have a moral downside, but the spectacular appearance, which has nothing behind natural diamond, we can already say that it is valued. PowerPoint Presentation: colors , and desired weight, this area is still developing . Finally , we can say that the artificial diamonds can become an important part in the production of diamonds in the future, bringing along Spectacular keeping prices down. This will lead to a new momentum and can provide a higher degree of value by which to counter the exorbitant amount of natural diamonds. It all depends on customer trust more special extravagant not, but want something special. They represent our target. PowerPoint Presentation: Valued but very handy and leaving greater creative possibilities can, and processing technique for bonding, or kinship jewelry, which is expected given the spectacular natural diamonds . 5. The jewelry industry has recognized the enormous opportunity in the use of artificial diamonds. Without hiding places began using technological processes that bring a product as spectacular as a diamond, but at a much reduced price, and allowing processing method, gluing, attaching much wider. It is not insignificant that no technological means can produce diamond shapes , PowerPoint Presentation: CONTACT US Liori Diamonds 2 W 47th St. Suite 1205 New York, NY 10036 Call Us 888-888-3321 For More Information Please Visit :

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