advertising roles in marketing

Information about advertising roles in marketing

Published on August 11, 2014

Author: jogindergrewal



What is Marketing?: 1 What is Marketing? The way a product is designed, tested, produced, branded, packaged, priced, distributed, and promoted The Marketing Process: 2 The Marketing Process Conduct research and develop a situation analysis Set objectives for the marketing effort Assess consumer needs and wants Differentiate and position the product Develop the marketing mix strategy Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy Framework for advertising planning and decision making: 3 Framework for advertising planning and decision making Situation Analysis- Consumer Analysis, competetor analysis Marketing program-Role of advertising,sales force, price ,promotion Advertising Plan-Objectives,message , media Implementation-Social and legal contraints Marketing Plan: 4 Marketing Plan Advertising planning and decision making take place in the context of an overall marketing plan .Marketing plan includes planning , implementation and control functions of a product line There are several tools that can be used to help an organisation achieve its marketing objectives.Most people are familiar with 4 ps Marketing Mix Strategies: 5 Marketing Mix Strategies Product Place Price Promotion The product is both the object of the advertising and the reason for marketing Marketing Mix Strategies: 6 Marketing Mix Strategies Product Place Price Promotion The channels used in moving the product from manufacturer to buyer Marketing Mix Strategies: 7 Marketing Mix Strategies Product Place Price Promotion Based on the cost of making and marketing the product and on expected profit Marketing Mix Strategies: 8 Marketing Mix Strategies Product Place Price Promotion Advertising Personal selling Sales promotion Publicity Branding: 9 Branding The process of creating a distinctive and special meaning for a product Brand equity is reputation, meaning, and value that the brand name or symbol has acquired over time Brand manager needs to spend considerable time pinpointing the exact source of a brands poor sale before deciding thar core problem is inadequate advertising Added value: 10 Added value A marketing or advertising activity makes a product more valuable, useful, or appealing Role of advertising: 11 Role of advertising depende upon distribution channel selected role of advertising in total context -prestige product low price product Srategy selected- pull -through customer push- through middleman-consumer advertising will be less

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