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Published on August 8, 2014

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Aerial Dance Classes Jacksonville : Aerial Dance Classes Jacksonville Bittersweet Studios is the first co-ed alternative fitness studio (featuring pole fitness/pole dancing and aerial silk/ lyra) in Jacksonville that serves clients of all ages and sizes. We offer a range of fitness options in strength training, cardio, dance and specialized instruction in aerial arts. Our aerial arts programs consist of pole fitness, aerial silks, aerial hammock yoga, and lyra aerial art.  Bittersweet is also home to the only aerial arts performance group in Jacksonville, Relevé Aerial Dance. Pole Classes: Pole Classes If you have never taken a pole dance class, this is the class for you. This class includes a warm-up, core strengthening, and a cool-down with flexibility stretches. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of pole dance technique & strength training. From walking around the pole, to basic spins and floor work you will walk away with all you need to join our beginner level classes. Class will highlight body alignment, and confidence-building through body awareness and technique. This class is designed to introduce students to the pole and to the range of moves that can be performed with time and practice. Attention is also given to building upper body strength and flexibility all of which contribute to gaining pole skills. You can see for yourself what everyone else talking about! It will definitely leave you wanting more. THIS CLASS IS THE SAME EVERY WEEK AND IS MEANT TO ONLY BE TAKEN ONCE. Aerial Classes: Aerial Classes Aerial lyra (also known as aerial hoop) is a circular apparatus suspended from a single or double point. In this class you will learn the various techniques to enter and exit from the hoop along with conditioning, strength and flexibility exercises. After learning basic skills and conditioning, the class will gradually progress into building your strength, showcasing flexibility and learning flipping, turning, rolling, posing, and transitioning positions. Note: We require students to wear clothing that covers the legs, torso and arms for all aerial classes, other than pole. This will help avoiding burns caused by friction with the fabric or hoop. Aerial Silks In this class you will begin with flexibility, strength, and conditioning exercises that will help you feel comfortable in the air. You will work on basic climbing skills and will learn how to create “locks” around your body with the fabric. After grasping these fundamentals, you will work on building stamina, strength and stability by working with fabric as your “pole.” Acro, Dance, and Movement Classes: Acro, Dance, and Movement Classes Nothing But Hands – Hand Balancing Acro Class This class will feature skills that you can do virtually anywhere. We will focus on exercises on the floor as well as hand-balancing canes. This class will cover everything thing from one-arm crocs, to headstands to handstands and aerials. This class will feature a lot of conditioning and will focus on keeping correct form through every movement. Aside from traditional moves we will also focus on power yoga poses to work on balance and build strength. DanceFusion Technique Want to improve your fluidity, transitions and overall dance technique all while acquiring new skills and learning choreography?  This is the class for you!  In this class we will work on basic, intermediate and advanced dance techniques in styles such as ;Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary to help you become that versatile dancer you see on the stage and TV (ex: so you think you can dance ). This class may not always be easy but the outcome will be well worth it! -Please wear fitted bottoms and a comfortable but not too baggy of a  top, socks will be sometimes needed- Relevé Aerial Dance : Relevé Aerial Dance  Relevé Aerial Dance is a professional dance and aerial performance group based in Jacksonville. Our diverse set of performers consists of trained fitness and dance professionals with experience in various forms of aerial arts and dance. The performers of Relevé have performed and competed various venues across the state of Florida and always bring high energy, jaw-dropping performances that leave guests  mesmerized. Relevé Aerial Dance is available for special events such as: Charity Events Grand Openings Pole Parties in Jacksonville, FL: Pole Parties in Jacksonville, FL Celebrating a special event? A bachelorette, birthday or just a girls’ night out party by Bittersweet Studios is a fun and exciting way to celebrate. All parties include personalized instruction and a special performance for your guests. Our instructors will give you an unforgettable experience that you and your friends will talk about for years! Choose your favorite party package or customize your event with the help of our party planner. Let your imagination fly and we can design a custom party for you. Private venue rental available for corporate events and holiday parties. All parties require a deposit up front and the remainder is due on the date of the party. Host your next party at Bittersweet Studios! Call us today to reserve yo ur special date. Party Packages Premium Party Package $200 - Includes 1 hour party with 5 people ($25 per person over 5) 12-24 Small Bites Tasty Treats Elite Party Package $350 - Includes 1 1/2 hour party with 10 people ($20 per person over 10) 24-36 Small Bites Tasty Treats PowerPoint Presentation: For more information please visit 3738 Southside Blvd, Suite 105 Jacksonville, FL 32216 904-451-2627

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