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Published on December 17, 2009

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Problems: The Air Traffic Control System : Problems: The Air Traffic Control System The Acrobots What is the Air Traffic Control System? : What is the Air Traffic Control System? Air Traffic Controller The air traffic control system, or ATC, is a government run organization that is part of the FAA. The ATC controls all of the air traffic on the United States. Controllers can give the plane’s altitude, speed, and direction at any time to the pilot. The controller also gives directions and weather forecasts to the pilot. If these commands were to be missed or interpreted differently, the result could be catastrophic. How does the ATC function? : How does the ATC function? When an airplane takes off, the departure control, which is in the terminal radar control facility, TRACON, gives the airplane directions, while the airplane remains in TRACON airspace. (50-80 miles) It then switches over to the middle zone, where the air route traffic control center, ARTCC, takes over from the TRACON. In the ARTCC zone, two controllers monitor the plane, called the radio associate controller. The associate and radar controller work together in charge of their own zone. The radar controller controls all air-to-ground communication and maintains aircraft separation within the zone and coordinates activities with other sectors and/or centers. The Problems with the ATC : The Problems with the ATC The technology used with the ATC is outdated. The radars that are used date back to WW2. The radio sets that are used date all the way back to the 1960s. There is an excessive amount of air traffic congestion. Too many planes flying means that the airways are not safe, and airborne collisions are more likely to happen. Weather Thunderstorms cause major delays if not correctly redirected. Forces multiple planes into one jam-packed route. The Solutions : The Solutions First, replace all of the old technology with new technology. GPS systems installed in planes and controllers. Satellites used to give weather and create flight maps and routes. Weather issues can be solved by implementing the technology of satellites. Air routes can be changed via GPS if a storm is predicted. Airway congestion New technology can be implemented to solve this problem. Airplanes will get “turn-by-turn” directions to get to destinations and to avoid other planes. Replace all of the old jets, with newer, more fuel-efficient jets. Newer jets can fly through the air at faster rates, and do not struggle as much as older jets. The Obstacles : The Obstacles Money is the biggest obstacle of this whole operation. The US National debt is 12 trillion dollars and rising. Upgrading the system with new technology would only add to the national debt. The solution to this problem: Add some form of market based-infrastructure to back up the new aviation infrastructure. Increase the tax on airplane tickets to help pay the cost of the new technology. NextGen 2018 : NextGen 2018 A government run project to upgrade the technology of the ATC. Upgrades include a GPS and satellite system in every airplane. NextGen 2018 has two major fundamental problems. The project has no market-based infrastructure to support all the upgrades the ATC is receiving. Without this, the project would be just like expanding a toll-free highway. Sooner or later, the highway will be just as crowded as it was before. NextGen 2018 also might have a problem implementing the right technology. By 2018, technology might outdate satellite and GPS technology. The whole process of upgrading the ATC will happen again. Alternative Perspectives : Alternative Perspectives If a new system is added, pilots will need less skill, and may not be competent in a bad situation. Pilots could be trained to know all the old stuff, while being trained to handle the new technology. The ATC is fine as it is, and upgrading it is redundant. If the ATC is not upgraded, the technology used will degenerate even more. Some are happy with the delays, since it gives them more time to get on their flight, instead of missing it. A good point, but a plane will leave on command anyway even if it does not have all of its passengers. Conclusion : Conclusion The ATC is a government run organization that controls all air traffic. The ATC has many problems The technology is outdated. The airways are congested. The weather congests the airways even more. All these problems have solutions. Replace the old technology with the latest upgrade of GPS system and satellite technology. Implement the technology so that airways become less congested, while replacing the older jets with newer more fuel-efficient ones. Use the satellite technology to get quick weather forecasts and change routes quickly to avoid storms. Money is a big issue when it comes down to upgrading the ATC. Create some market-based infrastructure to back up all the aviation infrastructure. Add a few taxes here and there to airplane tickets. NextGen 2018 is a government-run project that will upgrade the ATC by around 2018. There are many fundamental problems with this. There is no market-based infrastructure to back up the upgrades. The technology that will be used to update the system might be outdated by 2018. Website URL : Website URL Air Traffic Control Problems

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