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Published on December 22, 2020

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Alessandro Berni Reviews — Tips To Become A Successful Artist: Alessandro Berni Reviews — Tips To Become A Successful Artist Slide2: Alessandro Berni organized a very famous international fair CLIO ART FAIR. The primary idea of creating this fair was to discover new and amazing talent of worldwide independent artists but without holding any sort of exclusive gallery exhibition. Last it was hosted in the New York City on October 2019. It was started by him in the year 2014. What is the purpose of CLIO ART FAIR? Now, the major purpose of the CLIO ART FAIR is basically to create a distinct space for the direct interaction between the collectors, artists, and curators without the interruption of a mediator. The word Clio in Greek represents muse of history. It signifies “to celebrate”, “to recount”, or “to celebrate” or even “to make famous”. This art fair is created to showcase the achievements and careers of all the positive creative minds. Slide3: Since 2014, this fair has focused on all types of interventions and types of contemporary art which are created by the independent artist all over the world. With this fair platform created by Alessandro Berni Reviews , you can help the artists to take control over their own destiny. The artwork created by the artists will surely build an emotional connection and will attract you too. As a result, you will be able to discover some of the edgy independent artists. Slide5: How To Become A Famous Artist? Now, the question of how one can become a famous artist which is by far the most frequently asked question by younger artists. This is because they really want to become famous and successful in the same field. However, there aren’t any assurances that you will become famous in the field of art but if you follow your passion and build yourself up, then there is always a chance for you. Alessandro Berni is an art dealer alongside a strategic communications leader who shared best business tips for all the truly independent artists to become famous and successful for a longer period. Business outreach is difficult and you need to seed your plan today to get it to blossom in the coming years. You need to create something masterpiece and think like an innovator in order to get the maximum reach to the artist lovers. Slide6: As per Alessandro Berni , it is always easy to get carried away but a true artist must keep in mind the primary reason for doing any work and never stop making new creations. The art fair by him will not offer you compartmentalized or normal booth spaces but will offer a design which is unique. It will allow you to present art pieces in an open area without any division. You will have a design that displays the artwork which is similar to the well-curated group show. The primary focus of this art fair show is to bring forward the creative side of upcoming artists who are looking forward to having a space to show their talents and creative minds. Source Credit: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

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