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Published on February 28, 2008

Author: apritchard



Ancient Greek Architecture:  Ancient Greek Architecture Annie Pritchard Styles of Architecture:  Styles of Architecture Columns:  Columns Doric:  Doric Doric columns from the Parthenon; more dignified types of columns Ionic:  Ionic Ionic columns from the Temple of Athena Nike; were more loose types of columns Corinthian Columns:  Corinthian Columns Layout of Temples:  Layout of Temples The normal temple includes the columns, the porch, the cella, and different architectural features Structure of Greek Temples:  Structure of Greek Temples Rectangular Made of limestone Structure of Greek Temples Cont.:  Structure of Greek Temples Cont. Had surrounding columns Roofs made with tiles Friezes:  Friezes Added decoration Towards ceiling Bas-reliefs The Acropolis:  The Acropolis Located in Athens The Acropolis Cont.:  The Acropolis Cont. The Parthenon Old Temple of Athena Temple of Athena Nike The Parthenon :  The Parthenon The columns on the Parthenon appear to be straight but they really lean inward Temple of Athena Nike:  Temple of Athena Nike Located in Athens Building Materials:  Building Materials Marble Wood Brick Limestone Terracotta Metals High Class House:  High Class House The rooms surround the courtyard Middle Class House:  Middle Class House Greek Theatres:  Greek Theatres Tiered Seating Main area-performance area Skene- the dressing room Epidaurus:  Epidaurus One of the most popular ancient Greek theatres

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