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Published on December 1, 2012

Author: FDiaz1



“The Hearts I see”: “The Hearts I see” This presentation is dedicated to a mother who’s symbol of love provides reassurance and guidance each step of the way for us. Your spirit remains alive in our Hearts . (Song by Angela Bofil) I have heard there's an angel: I have heard there's an angel Angel of the night: Angel of the night Through time she has traveled: Through time she has traveled She's watching' out of sight: She's watching' out of sight She Knows…: She Knows… PowerPoint Presentation: …Let her guide you ...Listen if you can: ... Listen if you can She’s wise: She’s wise Try to UNDERSTAND … IN YOUR HEART SHE’LL BE HIDING: IN YOUR HEART SHE’LL BE HIDING …She’s with you constantly: … She’s with you constantly She will slip into your DREAMS: She will slip into your DREAMS You’ll Feel She’s Near: You’ll Feel She’s Near If you WILL IT…: If you WILL IT… Maybe : Maybe She’ll APPEAR “Angelita De Amor”: “Angelita De Amor” Marta E. Diaz December 1 st , 1957 to December 8, 1990

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