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Published on July 31, 2014

Author: hisheets



Animation Antics: Animation Antics Cindy Sheets [email protected] Livebinder: What is It?: What is It? Creating the impression of a “movie” by taking a series of still shots For every shot, items are moved a tiny bit When shots are played back quickly, they seem to be moving on their own You can “animate” any object! Persistence of Vision: Persistence of Vision Chemical transmission of nerve responses Create the illusion that continuous motion is being seen rather than a series of discontinuous images being exchanged in succession. Audiences still interpret motion at rates as low as ten frames per second or slower (as in a flipbook ), Cartoons: 12 drawings per second Early Animations: Early Animations First animated cartoon - Gertie the Dinosaur 1921 Humorous Phases of Funny Faces (1906) History of Animation: History of Animation Egyptian Mural: Egyptian Mural Zeotrope: Zeotrope Thaumatropes and  Phenakistiscopes: Thaumatropes and   Phenakistiscopes First Motion Picture: First Motion Picture First “motion picture” taken by 12 cameras triggered by trip wires Stop Motion Animation: Stop Motion Animation Modern Day Stop Motion Animation: Modern Day Stop Motion Animation tutorial Animation in the Classroom Skills: Animation in the Classroom Skills Create your own! Creativity Problem Solving Collaboration Planning & sequencing Organizing Visual-spatial thinking Persistence! Examples: Examples Steps: Steps Idea (Keep it Simple!) Characters Storyboard Backgrounds Filming ideas Secure location and lighting Tape set down if possible Film Edit Sound effects, visual effects, music, title and credits Tools of the Trade: Tools of the Trade Camera Web cam or built in camera Camcorder Digital camera iPad Software Free or low cost High end Characters and Set Software: Software Free for Computers Windows Movie Maker PowerPoint SamAnimation (50 picture limit for free version) $$ for Computers iStopMotion (Mac only) SamAnimation full version (PC or Mac) Frames (PC or Mac) Others @ higher prices! Apps: Apps Free for iPhone/iPad iMotion HD (by Fingerlab ) * Stop-motion Camera (by Baenpark ) Frame X Frame (by Joby Inc ) Stop Motion Café (by David Eccher ) Paid apps iStopMotion for iPad (by Boinx $9.99) StopMotion Studio (free and Pro @$4.99) I Can Animate ($2.99) iMovie ($4.99) Osnap ! lite=free ($2.99) Helpful Hints : Helpful Hints KISS Keep it Super Simple!! Animation Classroom Helpful Hints located on NAGC web site Share: Share Have a film festival! Upload to YouTube Submit to a contest Reel Spirit

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