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Published on August 7, 2014

Author: cinissps



PowerPoint Presentation: One day I was taking my walk in the garden and I noticed a black ant frantically looking for something. In curiosity I stood for a while and watched. Suddenly it rushed to a fallen green leaf and tried to lift it. After giving a good trial, it was again frantically looking for something. My curiosity increased and I took my seat on a stone beside. PowerPoint Presentation: As I sat observing it I found another ant coming towards the site. Low, my ant rushed towards the other and began to speak something. If only I knew their language! Well, they continued conversing with each other while I longed at heart to get a grip of all what was going on in their mind. PowerPoint Presentation: I didn’t have to wait long to know what was in their mind. They together rushed to the fallen leaf which was quite big and began to pull it with all their might. Ha! They really did it. PowerPoint Presentation: As they were moving I see another full traffic of red ants flocking to the site of fallen green leaves. The good number of them came in strict line one behind the other. PowerPoint Presentation: Soon they caught hold of the leaf and together lifted the heavy leaf in their mouth and some with their legs. They moved with better speed for they were quite many of them. Spectacular was their togetherness and unity. PowerPoint Presentation: Soon they climbed on the rope that was tied to the tree and marched victoriously to their nest - falling, pulling and turning over the other they kept moving undisturbed and in total focus. PowerPoint Presentation: My deeper self then called my attention to turn on the pages of my life. Then it underlined the importance of the other and the necessity of Vision in life. I thanked the ants for the lesson learnt and continued my walk in greater silence. PowerPoint Presentation: Mone Akhil , this is the logic of life – a focused life to achieve the vision by no means…. So on this beautiful day of your life wish you every joy and blessings in immense to fulfill your CALL. God bless you…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SR. CINI SSPS

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