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Published on October 31, 2010

Author: Pluggdin



Harsh Jain @jarsj X-IITB, X-Google :  Harsh Jain @jarsj X-IITB, X-Google PowerPoint Presentation: More of us should be doing it “A lot of successful startups began as things done just for fun or out of curiosity.” – Mark Zuckerberg Hacking is awesome PowerPoint Presentation: There has never been a better time PowerPoint Presentation: Problem  Most of us CAN’T PowerPoint Presentation: We don’t have the tools PowerPoint Presentation: Sketch your app. PowerPoint Presentation: AppCanvas is a Program that writes a Program Hello Todos: Hello Todos Add Todos. See a list of todos. Knock them off. Custom User Interface. PowerPoint Presentation: Play Video PowerPoint Presentation: Fully Functional Twitter Clone Hundreds of hours of development Behind The Scenes: Behind The Scenes Generates HTML + CSS + JS Databases. Backend Logic. Thousands of line of code. Human Readable. PowerPoint Presentation: Real Software. Take it, modify it. PHP/MySQL. PowerPoint Presentation: “Internet was disrupted everytime someone made publishing easier. - @bharath_mohan ” PowerPoint Presentation: App Publishing Platform PowerPoint Presentation: Never Done Before PowerPoint Presentation: AppStore Facebook Apps Gadgets Iphone Apps. Only getting started PowerPoint Presentation: Try the alpha on Be gentle  And Follow Harsh(@jarsj) to stay updated PowerPoint Presentation: Is it open source ? No. Money ? Developer Licenses, Pay-per-download. Is it a CMS ? Hey it can create one.

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